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  2. Heijneker

    Magic in a Bottle

    How about these ones: Yeah this stuff is a real life cheatcode, so I ordered a gallon!
  3. Heijneker

    Cure times for OPT products

    Opti-Seal is kind of sticky to water for some time after application from my findings, what does that suggest? Here's water on Opti-Seal approx 1.5h after application. But the next day it was similar to this:
  4. Ron@Optimum

    Cure times for OPT products

    A&J, that's a pretty open ended question. For some products, like ceramics, there are minimum cure times, but others are dependent on temperature and humidity. Gloss-Coat is a minimum of 1 hour, but Wax, Seal, Opti-Bond dry/bond almost immediately. For layering we suggest an hour wait.
  5. I dont know this has ever been discused but what are the official curing times for OPT protection products (OCW, Opti-seal, Gloss coat, opti-bond, ...)?
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  7. Ron@Optimum

    Comments missing on old threads?

    The original moderator for this forum left the company and deleted his posts - hasn't effected the content.
  8. EBGroup

    ONR Safe for Hardwood Floors?

    I can second (or third or whatever) that ONR works well on hardwood or laminate floors. No streaking, just clean floors.
  9. When I read through many of the old threads several, in many cases all, of the comments are missing. Does anyone else have this same problem?
  10. Ron@Optimum

    T.A.R. and Gloss Coat

    TAR will not remove Gloss-Coat.
  11. Hello All! How aggressive would TAR be on Gloss Coat? I have a spot to try and touch up. Full strength Power Clean got most of it off but one spot seems to be stubborn.
  12. mr_robot

    ONR Safe for Hardwood Floors?

    I’ve used it on my hardwood floors and it left a very clean no residue finish. Looked and felt cleaner than it would if I used my stiffer wet jet.
  13. please contact Danny - with your contact info and the name of your installer.
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  15. I purchased a factory delivered car, which I turned over to a local detailing shop for the application of opti-coat pro+. There was some communication issues and I found out that they only applied opti-coat pro. They offered to add on the pro+ for me, which they did about 2 or 3 days after the initial pro application. Unfortunately, I didn't spend enough time researching the product ahead of time and just took their word that this was OK to do. But last night I was watching an optimum training video and they said that there is only a half hour to hour window that the pro+ can be applied after the pro. So now I'm left with many questions - will the pro+ application still work? Will it have any negative effects adding it so late? Is there anything I can do at this point to help the situation or anything I should look out for as the coating fully cures? Thank you so much in advance for your time and help!
  16. DIRECTIONS: 1. Clean the surface with Optimum Power Clean to remove any greases or waxes. 2. Decontaminate the surface with an Optimum Clay Towel, Mitt, or Bar. 3. Compound the paint with Optimum Hyper Compound and a wool pad to abrade the surface. Remove the compound residue. Goal is to remove oxidation. 4. Wipe surface with Optimum Paint Prep. Make sure surface is dry. Blow out all cracks to remove moisture and dust. 5. Apply only in a well ventilated area with panel and air temperatures between 60-85 F (15-30 C). 6. Wearing protective eyewear, a respirator rated for organic vapors, and nitrile gloves, saturate the edge of the supplied microfiber applicator (not quite to dripping), with Optimum Clear Coat Restorer (CCR). 7. Apply in a back and forth motion, keeping the edge of applicator saturated, and working the wet edge one panel at a time. Apply 1-2 coats back to back leveling with the applicator. 8. Avoid touching the surface after 5 minutes. 9. Optimum CCR is dry to the touch in 5 minutes, can be driven in 4 - 12 hours, waxed or polished in 24 hours and Coated in 48 hours. Second coat can be added after 1 week of curing. 10. Allow 12 hours or more before exposing to water or temperatures below 60 F (15 C). 11. Optimum CCR can be protected with Optimum Car Wax, Opti-Seal, or Gloss-Coat after 48 hours or more of curing.
  17. Im sorry for being obtuse. I thought polishing it prior to CCR would make it less likely to work. I read i need to apply your cleaning prep product to strip it of wax, etc. Do you mean compound it first lightly, then hit it with the prep spray and then CCR? Its not smooth to the touch currently as the base coat was a spray application and I havent shot it with clear coat. Thanks again Frank
  18. you need to abrade (rough up the surface), Magic Eraser will not do that - I don't think you need to wet sand or use wool pad, but a polish should be enough.
  19. Ron Thanks! One last question. Can I get away with magic eraser as some have indicated or do I need to go with 3000 grit wet sand or cut with wool pad. Any particular preference. I really really only want to do this once lol. Respectfully Frank
  20. No Soap

    Opti-Seal as Drying aid

    No, but now there is a new product on the market for cleaning the towels P&S (or The Rag Company) Rags To Riches. It is probably worth to check out!?
  21. bensla

    Opti-Seal as Drying aid

    Wrung out towels leaves residue for me, really noticable on glass. Do you not get that?
  22. bensla

    ONRWW as contactless prewash.

    Thanks! That sounds good - essentially as long as I'm not expecting anything a normal foam pre-wash wouldn't be able to achieve it sounds good. Essentially my question is really just 'does ONRWW leave a residue if pressure hosed off rather than buffed off'. I will give it a test tomorrow and see how I get on. Thanks!
  23. You can apply CCR over single stage paint (your repaint) but it might require multiple layers. You need to "rough up" the base coat, at least lightly, for CCR to bond properly.
  24. Ron@Optimum

    ONRWW as contactless prewash.

    I think it will work fine, based on your methodology. It's always problematic when people use products in a manner they are not designed for, but in this case I think you should be good.
  25. Thank you for your input and I agree that if I'm going to do another coating, which I plan to do because I purchased 20cc of GC, then it only makes sense to buy a bottle of OS. I am the ultimate preparer and I've researched this process for 2 months before going ahead. So, when it came time to do the job and I found out that hyper-seal is not actually going to work for me 1 hour after GC application, I was pretty pissed because it's winter here. So far it's just been rain and no salt has been put down since my applying GC so I hope I'll be safe.
  26. Ron@Optimum

    Opti-Coat Pro3

    Yes, Pro installers have OC3 available and it's being installed now.
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