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    ONR Safe for Hardwood Floors?

    I’ve used it on my hardwood floors and it left a very clean no residue finish. Looked and felt cleaner than it would if I used my stiffer wet jet.
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    Opti-Coat Pro3

    Opti-Coat Pro3 is the ultimate in ceramic paint protection and gloss. It is the most advanced coating which provides protection and gloss and is four times the thickness of Opti-Coat Pro or Pro+. Opti-Coat Pro3 provides the most chemical resistance and environmental protection. Opti-Coat Pro3 enhances the durability of your vehicle’s paint by adding several layers of protection for the life of your car. Opti-Coat Pro3 provides a protective ceramic coating with superior resistance to swirling, chemical etching, and fading. Then, Opti-Coat Pro3 Top Coat is added to further increase the hardness and scratch resistance of the ceramic clear coat for the life of your vehicle’s paint. Opti-Coat Pro3’s advanced formulation was designed to create a tougher, thicker, more scratch resistant, multi-layer clear coat with greater depth and gloss. It is a permanent hydrophobic layer of protection. It is chemically resistant so it won’t dissolve after multiple car washes and won’t diminish under corrosive acids like bird droppings. Any additional dirt, grime, or bugs come off with ease and you will never have to get your car waxed again. Furthermore, it is non-oxidizing so Opti-Coat Pro3 will lock in that shine and protects against damaging UV rays for the life of your car. OC3 is a Pro Only product
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    New Formula No Rinse Review

    As promised, I tested the new formula ONR last week. The car washed had Opti-Coat Pro applied 7 years ago by Yvan (the coating is still there) and hadn't been washed in 4+ weeks. I used the standard mix in 2 buckets with separate sponges (Big Red and Big Gold), splitting the card down the middle. I didn't take pictures - it was in my garage, cloudy day, and I never find pictures all that helpful. Everything from here is subjective: First observation, the original ONR had larger beads, the New Formula had smaller beads that sheeted off quickly. Not sure how hydrophobic ONR is, the car had Hyper Seal used as drying aid when last washed, so may be some combination, but there was an obvious difference. I didn't see any obvious difference in cleaning power or shine, but the rinse water for New ONR was substantially darker (more dirt). I did feel a difference in slickness, the New Formula being maybe 20% slicker (very subjective, I know). For a blind test, I had my wife run her hands over the paint and she agreed the New Formula felt slicker (she commented her fingers dragged more on original ONR). For whatever it's worth -
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    I generally find there is little need to use an APC (such as Power Clean ) on tires with TPC as it eliminates the browning that typically occurs. I will typically just use ONR dampened microfiber towel for cleaning tires with TPC applied. For the rims, it depends on the amount of brake dust accumulated. If very little, the ONR dampened microfiber towel will probably be very effective (especially if rims are coated). For maintenance washes, I have started using P and S Brake Buster (at 1:1 dilution ratio). For pure cleaning power, Power Clean is superior but Brake Buster has certain advantages specifically for rims. It has a slight gel like consistency (even at 1:1 dilution) that allows it to cling to rims for longer dwell time. In fact undiluted, some of my sprayers have a hard time with this product. The second advantage is it contains a rust inhibitor. This is very apparent on large disk brakes where they do not turn deep orange after they dry unlike when washing using other APCs. Brake Buster is decent at cleaning lightly browned tires so you can use single product for rims and tires. However, if tires have severe browning (badly neglected) then Power Clean will get you the best result in fewer applications (1-2 vs 3-5).
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    Greetings from Halifax Canada

    Hey welcome, I'm Optimum fan in Moncton NB
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    Opti-Seal has a long shelf life and is most likely still good to use.
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    New Formula No Rinse Review

    Second on the sponges absorbing the dirt, once every few washes I give the BRS a good Power Clean scrub, which makes it release alot of traffic film from within; awesome! My sponge has sufferes about a 100 washes already, from mostly neglected cars lol. Looking a bit rough along the edges but working ever so good. Amazingly soft when soaked in hot ONR now.
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    Magic in a Bottle

    Like I said; magic in a bottle: This was a nasty, but fresh, pasta sauce spill on our new carpet. My girlfriend got really mad, she 'knew' it would never come out. CFCP 1:3 to the rescue!
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    ONR Safe for Hardwood Floors?

    ONR is fine on floors. As pointed out above, have realistic expectations. I find ONR is perfectly good on light dirt. If the floor has says oils or grease then you will need something stronger than ONR
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    Power Clean In Door Jams

    a microfiber dampened with ONR will work to rinse Power Clean as well.