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    Hello from Pittsburgh

    That's a big truck I don't think gloss coat is for glass. I think you will be short product for all that . I would do the roof with the gloss coat and keep it all the same so if you top of with other products it will all look the same in my case i park out side and my roof collects a lot if dirt and bird bomb's plus it gets pounded by the sun the car is a 2008 so you can see the roof has faded more than the sides also I have done some repainting they did a good job but it still shows up after gloss coated . You can find picks of my car on hear some were. Ithink you need another 10cc maybe some one will make suggestion. If I was going to take a short cut I would use hyperseal I just did it looks and sheets water just like gloss coat just doesn't last as long Good luck have fun