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    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    The problem with water spots is the huge variety in their make up - MDR (IMO) is good at removing light water spots, the kind you get when rain falls on a dusty car. Hard water from a faucet may take more effort. The toughest water spots I've dealt with come from well water and wheel acid (with some agitation) removed them. Wheel acid will not damage Opti-Coat Pro and I believe if removed before drying, is safe on clear coat. I can't speak to glass, but if like Power Clean, the key is rising well before the product dries.
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    For the least effort and most predictable results, I would stick with Hyper Seal. Other products may or may not play well with the coating but Hyper Seal was designed to work with the OPT coating. Of course you are free to try many other products and if you have money burning a hole in your pocket then start experimenting.
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    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    On slightly related topic, I watched a recent Rag Company video where they demonstrated hard water mineral removal with MDR and then high strength Wheel Cleaner. The MDR removed some but not all their deposits while the Wheel cleaner removed all the deposits. However, is OptiCoat Pro+ up to withstanding a wheel cleaner without damage? What would be the best way to use MDR to assure best mineral removal performance ?