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    Setec Astronomy

    Self healing Coating?

    You know years ago on another forum there were some experiments run by one of the members, and it was shown that the things that detailers do to "strip" the surface don't really work. This was for a standard sealant--washed with Dawn and the beading went away--sealant stripped! Except then the surface was wiped with IPA and the beading returned. Dawn stripped! It turns out that a lot of things can "clog" the surface of a coating or sealant, which disrupts the beading, then if you can remove the contaminant without removing the LSP, then the beading will return. Bottom line we found out a lot of the things we thought were stripping sealants weren't really doing that. This was backed up by an anonymous chemist on that forum who actually worked at a mfr. of car products in Europe, and validated the results, telling us it was very difficult to chemically remove the silicone components from their mixing equipment, and that the idea that dish detergent or an IPA wipe would remove a sealant was nonsense.
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    Optimum Synergy Podcast M.I.A.

    Thanks só much @Jayk82, just finished listening to the first one again! I'm gonna be reeling them all in in record time, that's for sure 😁