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    Tug Bankert

    Optimum's Company Mentality

    Dancingbear, The fact that you couldn't be sold on a better coating than paint guard is the fault of the installer and not Optimum. I do agree that opti could put more info out there but I have a feeling you may still not be convinced. (Please understand I am trying to educate you and not criticize you.) With that being said, whenever I offer a coating I always start with pro 3 and work my way down. Pro 3 is best because.it is thicker and harder. When plus is applied as the last layer it makes the coating so glossy and hydrophobic I can see a significant difference between PG, pro or pro plus. Bugs are almost completely removed without touching just using 1400 psi from a pressure washer. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It is easier to clean and looks incredible compared to any other coating. This is personal experience. If you need more scientific or hands on experience go have your car coated with pro 3/plus. I have a customer that loves to wash and wax his own car. It took me 3 + years to convince him to coat his car. I established a great relationship with him over those years. We he finally decided to do it he got PG. Over these 3 years he was educated on it 100 times over. This was a lot of work for not a lot of profit. My ROI was (as in, I invested more time into him than any 5 customers combined). I showed and explained what coating was the best and he chose PG. He would not take my expert opinion on it. I really doubt anything from Opti would have help to convince him, by the way. Here is my point, I am willing to educate anyone who wants to be. What I can't do is make you understand why 1 coating is better than the other. It's pretty self explanatory which one is better. Price point helps to explain it. Length of warranty is another help. Number of layers is another. I'm not sure what else I could have said to that customer that I didn't already say. One of the reasons I became better at presenting my coating was because of him. The better I got at presenting it the closer he got to purchasing until he finally did. You don't need to be convinced. You already know that opti is the best coating out there. If you can answer why UA apparel is better than the rest then you know why Pro 3 is the best. We can't cater to everyone because some people just won't be convinced but we can educate as many as possible. If you would like, you can call me at my shop and I will explain why pro 3 is the best. 717.356.0480