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    Time flies when you live on a lake...kinda the point? I revisited my tire and TPC last weekend, surprised it's been 14 months! The tires were still showing slight gloss and I impulsively decided to reapply TPC. I say impulsively because I didn't review the excellent video Yvan and Mack posted about prepping to reapply...and attacked 2 sets of tires over 2 days. I didn't apply TAR as suggested, but did use concentrate Power Clean and a tire brush to aggressively scrub. After a good ONR wipe down and dry, I pretty thoroughly coated tires, trying to get into the ribs that irritated me last time. Interestingly enough, the tires that came out very good the first time look excellent now. The car that looked meh the first time, looks better this time, but still splotchy. Because both sets of tires are heavily ribbed so the appearance is influenced by light and viewing angle. All in all I'm impressed by the durability but add there can be a big range in the appearance with TPC.