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  1. Anthony Orosco

    To presoak or not presoak? ONRww

    Some guys will set up ONR in a insecticide type pump sprayer. Spray down an area, say roof and hood. They will then begin the No Rinse as suaul on the roof, this gives the ONR solution time to dwell on the hood, which is where most of the grime is from bugs and such. Then No Rinse the hood as usual. Move on around the car until done. No Rinse is designed to break down and emulsify grime so some cars will be clean and ready for drying after one pass of your mitt. Other will need 2 or 3 passes. The test is to look at your drying towel. It should be pretty much free from dirt after drying a panel. Anthony
  2. Anthony Orosco

    Can Opti-Coat be applied on paint protection film?

    It's always best to apply PPF to a clean surface free from waxes and coatings. After PPF is applied then top with OCP or GC. Anthony
  3. Anthony Orosco

    Opti-Coat Application Methods

    Hey you're very welcome Chris. You can look at using close to a full syringe for a 4 door sedan size car. Love the forum by the way, you're doing a fantastic job!
  4. Anthony Orosco

    Opti-Coat Application Methods

    Here is a video I have done on how we apply opti-coat. Hope you enjoy the video and find it somewhat educational.
  5. Anthony Orosco

    I'm not new!

    My apologies Ash for not getting back to you sooner. I saw your Email and then went in and validated what I thought was your account plus a few others. Just now I validated 3 more accounts waiting to be validated but I did not see yours. Try and see if you can now post up under that name. Let me know if it works or what the error says exactly. Good luck, Anthony
  6. Anthony Orosco

    How aggressive is Hyper Polish

    The Optimum Hyper Polish in its current form has an increased cut over Optimum Polish II. The new Hyper Polish and Compound work really well with the Lake Country HydroTech pads but the compound does not seem to like the LC foamed wool. I have used the Hyper Polish with a large range of pads more so than the Hyper Compound and so far it pairs nicely with everything from polishing to cutting. It also works well with an orbital BUT I do not like the Hydro pads on an orbital or DA like the Flex. To me it seems to tear up the pads. Anthony
  7. Anthony Orosco

    Optimum Hyper Compound

    The silk wool pads are superb and gives the Hyper Compound some serious leveling ability. They are not out just yet but will be soon. I will "TRY" to get a video up of the pad in action but I barely have free time to post on any forums these days. Anthony
  8. Anthony Orosco

    Optimum Opti-Coat Review

    I enjoyed the read......very cool idea and look forward to your thoughts down the road. Great work Anthony
  9. Anthony Orosco

    Announcing The New Optimum Polish & Compound!

    May is the intended store release time. The foam pads are closed cell and in regards to the KBM....I just buff panels till they are corrected and finished so I have no idea really. Anthony
  10. Anthony Orosco

    Announcing The New Optimum Polish & Compound!

    In regards to sling it's really not an issue because the product is so thin on the paint when sprayed. Unlike traditional polishes where you have a raised glob of product. Sling can happen though if one applies too much product or start too high of an rpm. The main advantages are those described but here again it will differ with each user. Anthony
  11. Anthony Orosco

    Announcing The New Optimum Polish & Compound!

    We have foam and the silk-wool coming out but how many exactly I am not sure. We tested 2 pads, a finishing/polishing and the silk-wool. The pads will should be released along with the products. Anthony
  12. Anthony Orosco

    Announcing The New Optimum Polish & Compound!

    Not yet out but soon.
  13. Anthony Orosco

    Announcing The New Optimum Polish & Compound!

    ehall buddy...... These new products work nicely with orbitals and all pads we tried them with except the Lake Country foamed wool pads. If possible try and get hold of the new Lake Country Hydroshine pads. They work really well with these new products BUT the new Optimum pads will also be available in 4in, 6in and 8in sizes. Anthony
  14. Several years ago I had the pleasure of introducing many in the detailing world, both Pro and non-pro, to Optimum products, mainly the Optimum Spray Wax. It was not taken with great seriousness at first but after people tried it many of them came to love the ease of use, the great looks, UV protection, no staining and also the novelty of having wax in a spray-able form. Well flash forward to today and I am once again given the honor of introducing to the detailing world what I believe to be the first ever spray-able polish and compound! Many detailers around the world have come to love the Optimum Polish 1 and II formulas due to its long working times, low dust and ease of clean up plus its versatility when used with various pads and now once again Optimum Polish has evolved into the first spray-able polish now called Optimum Hyper Polish. It has all the same characteristics we have all come to love and appreciate but it is now even easier to work with plus it has more cutting power with an added benefit of finishing off even nicer. Optimum has also re-worked their compound into a spray-able form which removes 2000 grit sanding marks with ease and leaves an almost LSP ready finish on lighter colors. Optimum Hyper Compound, as well as Hyper Polish, work well with orbitals but they have been designed around rotary use and this is where they excel. Because of their spray-able form it allows a thin even film of product to be applied to the paint which in turn provides the whole face of the buffing pad to come evenly in contact with the polishing medium thus creating a more evenly polished surface. This also means you'll use less product while still having a buffing barrier between the paint and polishing pads. Several new pads will round out the Optimum Paint Polishing system with new pads. The most unique is a blended silk-wool pad designed to work with the new Optimum spray-able products. Fast cutting, even cutting and very nice finishing down. Ron and I along with Keven, have been testing and testing these new products for months now and we feel we have gotten the products tuned in to just where we want them. The Optimum Finishing Polish at my request has also been tweaked and is now a perfect ending compliment to this new system. Here is a picture of the new hyper Polish and Hyper Compound and also one of the new silk-wool pads......these pads are so sweet! Here is Optimum Hyper Polish sprayed onto the side of a panel. Again the great advantage to this product is the ability to evenly coat the face of the pad which evenly distributes the abrasives. Well thanks all for reading and we will be offering this very soon as an Optimum Forums Give-Away! Anthony
  15. Anthony Orosco

    Major Optimum Announcement Monday!

    I'll have to see what Dr. G says about that......I don't see why not myself but I'm not the one sending the stuff out either