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  1. bigltc

    OCW durability issues

    Good info!
  2. bigltc

    eso detailed

    Wow! Moss growing on the exterior. Interior looked rough too. Nice work!
  3. bigltc

    cosra painwork

    Looking good again!
  4. bigltc

    Amazing Product!

    Never tried it with a squeegee, thanks for the tip!
  5. bigltc

    Optimum Metal Polish (New Version)

    Shake well!!! Mine looks worse when used infrequently.
  6. bigltc

    Optimum Metal Polish (New Version)

    I just used the blue version to polish the silver candle holders for Christmas. The wife is very happy with the way they turned out.
  7. bigltc

    Forum Online Store

    Chris' store is at
  8. bigltc

    Well, hello there...

  9. bigltc

    Greetings from Warren,OH

    Welcome to the forum! Have you been to the Packard Museum?
  10. bigltc

    Napoleon BBQ with Opti Guard

    I'll bring the steaks! lol.
  11. bigltc

    '03 Carrera 4S

    Great color!
  12. bigltc

    '11 F250 & '02 Avalanche

    Enjoyable post! Great work on both!
  13. bigltc


  14. bigltc

    Surf City would like to say hello!