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  1. Hi guys.....It has been awhile, however I have been busy and simply involved in many things (which is a good thing.) Wanted to re-introduce myself to everyone. Nice to see the development of not only this tremendous forum but Optimum's perseverance to excellence and cutting edge technology! I just posted a Tutorial I did for NRWS. I had the opportunity to take advantage of a videopgraphers offer......I made it for the masses. Hopefully a bit of knowledge, technique and fun for all. More people will use the "Green" solution and take the time to keep their cars clean. Your comments are welcome. Nice to be back! Paul
  2. CrobarCars

    You Tube Tutorial NRWS

    Hi guys. It has been ages....however, I am still using my Optimum products... I know there is so much new and improved, however, I have to use up my old and still working products. The days of getting more and stock piling are I have been using up my inventory. Here is a video I made as a little tutorial on NRWS. Nothing earth shattering....I had the opportunity to take advantage of a videographer's offer and made something for the masses. Basically the information was off the top of my head. Living breathing and doing this makes talking about it easy. Not all the technique is perfect as I was probably more concerned with the spoken content. However, any of your comments would be welcome. I was rather comfortable and enjoyed the experience. I would like to know what y'all think. Paul
  3. CrobarCars

    Cyclo users–opinions?

    Nice work......Hands down the Cyclo does a phenominal job with polishing.....I believe it is it's ultimate strength. It is a polishing wizard......Built like a tank (although there are some delicate areas within the design~ask me how I know ), balanced and has a tremendous longevity......Check out ebay every so often......there are some old S/N's hanging around that are still working well! Congrats.......If you like it now, you'll only get to love it more later.......Truly a classic power tool! Technique wise try going very slow in a 3x3 area and notice the machine "shine" in performance. In moving very slow you will notice a bit of heat being built up, thus having more of a cutting effect similar to a rotary.......not a rotary but it can build up some heat similar to one. Cyclo Baby~
  4. CrobarCars

    Cyclo users–opinions?

    Cyclo Baby, Just pure Cyclo!
  5. CrobarCars

    Optimum NRWS, Excel style

    Patrick @ exceldetail, Your gallon mister is absolutely FANTASTiC! Superior quailty build.....It has been so dang hot I really wanted to aim it over my head to cool me off.....unfortunately it was full of ONR! I highly recomend this gallon mister....what I like is the flow and it's ability to cover the area while having excellent control over the you can spray one panel without overspray to the next panel, of course not considering a heavy wind. It has made my washing ONR style that much more hand squeezing the daylights out of a spray bottle! I ONR'ed a MB E55 AMG ( including wheels and hubs) with no refilling of the gallon container. At less that $10 it is a bargin at twice the price......OPPPPS......Did I just make it more expensive for other buyers?
  6. CrobarCars

    Support for a contest I entered....

    Thank you Steve. All the votes count. The popular vote is only 50% of the vote as the radio sportscasters are the other 50%. In this way a popularity contest isn't a guarantee win. The rules want quality over just getting the "My Space" generation to have hundreds vote. Round three would be cool!
  7. CrobarCars

    Support for a contest I entered....

    Thank you Charles. I appreciate your support.
  8. CrobarCars

    Support for a contest I entered....

    Ron and Al., thank you for voting for me. 2x's is double the pleasure!.....I kind of remember the Double Mint gum commercial similar to that..... I hope you liked the take. Basically, many of the references and flava of the take is similar to the Loose Canons radio broadcast. I am a huge fan of sports radio all the way back to grade school when I would listen to the Red Sox all summer long. I would have this GE radio that would get Pete Franklin on WWWE out of cleveland, I would be able to pick up Toronto and Montreal, also, Philly, Florida and New York City(the FAN) radio station all at night all from Rhode Island. The AM radio waves emit outwards and expand especially at night whereas FM signals must be on a high tower so they fall down hence they do not travel as far. I was the asst GM for WRIU, Rhode Island's largest Public Radio Station while in college. Lots of work and lots of fun.
  9. CrobarCars

    Support for a contest I entered....

    Hello Fellow Optimumians! I hope this isn't spamming...... I have entered a contest for $5,000 and a spot to co-host a sports radio program here in Los Angeles. You can help by voting for me and please pass on to anyone with a valid email address. One vote per valid email address. Here is the link: I am FOX#12 Click on, then select my name and enter valid email address. Click vote. Then check you email and confirm vote. This rounds voting is only for two days. Thanks for your consideration. There are many rounds like that of the NCAA Tournament. I could use all the support I can get as this has always been a dream of mine to one day be on the radio as I have listened to it my entire life. in fact, I still have a transistor radio I use daily for AM sports talk shows I listen to as I detail. Paul Paul
  10. Hey stupenal, I think the critical issue here is the initial step of determining the degree of the anomolies on the car and designating what the DA is actually able to take out. Experience with the DA and it's ability will come with experience. If the marring,etc. is excessive the DA along with the correct polish/compound will take off the top "layers" of damage only to "uncover" the deeper marring that may only be possible to negate with a rotary. This may seem as if the marring is still there, however experience will assist you over time to see what the perameters of using the DA and ridding anomolies can be achieved. Again it can be done, it just takes patience and time. Technique is crutial. You have very good products that were developed for the rotary. There is some adjustments that can be made with the products while using them with the DA - Pad choice, rate of speed, and expectation, that will assist you in getting a better end result. Check your PM. Hang in there...The cars will look great very soon!
  11. Hey Bence you are correct. I like to compartmentalize the two items as a bit different because if one burns through the clear the paint layer is very dull......For me I concern myself with the clear layer only. Basecoat is by nature a dull paint, while clearcoat is what makes the auto paint glossy which help the paint match the OEM finish.
  12. Personally I use the HyperCompound in the cases of these very sever anomilies. In the case of Dark color cars I use a combination of menzerna Intensive polish and Hyper on the yellow cutting pad for the Cyclo. Results are wonderful. Again, without the rotary, using a PC or Cyclo instead may prove the polish not to be the product of choice for deep damaged panels or those dubbed "hard paint"........ I believe it is the clearcoat that is hard and not the paint. There are different manufacturers who have switched to very hard clears due to issues in the 80's and 90's which cost them dearly in warranty work.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. You seem like a good guy. I really do not wish for you to be down on Optimum. I would like to assist you with some of your concerns. Since your only 10 miles from CG, maybe we can get together and I can assist you with some of your concerns hands on and get those cars where they belong. Let me know if your interested. Consider it a workout at the gym. I need all the exercise I can get! I am glad you came here for help.....also glad you only spent an hour on your car. I do not really post on other forums anymore due to the flaming that has gone on over the years. I just am to busy to deal with what a true waste of time it really is. I realize there is Optimum bashing out there, and this forum is mostly folks who realize the trash talk should be left on the court and not on a detailing forum. I have many products and use them all. One day I wanted less products to take with me and work as a professional detailer. Optimum has allowed that to become a reality. Welcome and let me know if you would like to spend the day getting your cars up to spec. using Optimum. Consider this a value add form this forum for purchasing Optimum Products and coming to the forum. I have worked on a Black Beemer not to long ago, and no doubt it is a challenge. I think HyperCompound is the way to go on the initial passes. I have some and can give you as a sample bottle. I also have many pad selections, your welcome to use them should we get together Let me know. ( I am not affiliated with Optimum in any way. I just love the stuff and Anthony has been my mentor since the early days of my detailing life. Also, I know Paul personally, and his advice over the years on various aspects of the detailing business has helped me.I like his products too.)
  14. CrobarCars

    The Players is this week!

    Dude.....That is an awesome venue.. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY...can you sneak in and get in a round? hehehehehe kinda the Rosie Ruiz of golf! From the Florida Times Union: Tiger Woods won't play in the 2008 Players Championship after undergoing knee surgery on April 15. Although every other big name in golf will be at the TPC Sawgrass Players Stadium Course, the loss of the world's No. 1-ranked golfer and perhaps most recognizable athlete will make a difference in television ratings and buzz. I am so bummed Tiger can't play.... Just imagine if Tiger was playing and just at the pinnicle of his backswing ehall snaps a pic and Tiger goes off his freakin' rocker!!!! We would see on National TV that ehall was there!!!!!! Upon the close up repeat of all the sports news stations both local and National there is ehall with his OPTIMUM T Shirt!!!!!!!!!!! Anthony we need those tees of better yet GOLF SHIRTS!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
  15. Have you ever detailed a car using other products or pads? I find using any chemicals with a PC will result in taking a long time to work the product correctly, especially when attempting to deswirl. By using the PC, the compromise is the reduction of error by burning the paint vs. the ability to generate sufficient heat to work out swirls in a timely manner. It can be done, it takes time - REGARDLESS of what you use. Optimum products do not take 8 hours of work to generate futile results. Common sense dictates there is something else going on here. I have used the Meg's, Menz., and Chemical Guys products you mention and I can testify, all of them require a different technique while using the same PC. This takes time and the school of trial and error to resolve and learn. While I am sorry to hear you spent all this time with no results, I question why you didn't stop and ask before the investment of this time was made while no results were appearing. After one hour and no results on the first car you worked on should have sent a message that there is something else going on here. Why come on now, seemingly, with a rather negative post about how Optimum products suck? Do you know Paul personally? How did you come upon Chemical Guys? Do you live in LA? Paul has classes that can show you the correct use of the PC on real cars. Didn't he suggest you sign up? I know Paul and he is not shy in assisting people with his classes. He has a very accomplished LA detailer teaching the classes. It may be well worth your while. I can't imagine you told him your endevour and he didn't suggest you take the classes inorder to ID the paint defects, and proper use of pad and chemical combinations, working times and how to turn a hobby into some extra cash. I can assure you, that I am very familiar with the Chem Guys product line and enjoy them as well as the Optimum line of products. I prefer the Optimum line, due to the long "WORKING" times. A long working time doesn't mean the entire detail takes longer. In fact, I save time using Optimum with a CYCLO (same will hold true with the PC) because I do not have to stop constantly, brush the pad clean, and then go back to your panel and start again. By using Optimum, I can just continue working and by the end of the day I have accomplished my task sooner because of the LONGER WORKING TIMES, rather than taking me longer to do the job. There are many misunderstandings within this post. I think you may be suffering by a level of frustration of not meeting your expectations and citing blame on Optimum chemicals. Why not blame the PC or the pads at sucking or not being able to choose the correct pad combinations and chemicals? More knowledge and technique may be required to reach successful results. There are many success stories of Optimum chemicals by those who do use and have switched to Optimum products. Which is probably why you purchased it originally. I can understand that, however, it seems that user error or a misunderstanding or a lack of sufficient practice in identifying the severity of the problem and using the correct pad and compound/polish combination. I will say that technique and knowledge of the task (identifying what Paint Correction necessary) is the most important part of detailing. The physical exertion of detailing is merely the execution of what you have predetermined the issues of the task at hand require. Now did you try any other pads than this one you mentioned? Was the pad washed prior to it's first use? Was it clean before applying product. In some brands of pads there are tiny fibers (that same color of the pad) that remain on and in the pad from the manufacturing process. This could cause a terrible outcome. Do your pictures represent the swirls prior to your working on the car or were they introduced by the pad/polish and user combination? Have you ever been taught the correct techniques in person or are you just detailing after reading? What pads other than this Orange Wolfgang one do you have? Have you attempted other pad combinations. Are you using about 5lbs of pressure on the head of the PC while attempting to polish. It may be possible that hyper compound is necessary for your initial passes. What techniques are you using? Please do not take offense to my next comment, but in my best American Idol Simon Cowel voice, Is this a real post or a flame? The tone just isn't what I am used to reading here.