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  1. Alfa Romeo Giuletta: A rare sight on Malaysian roads. Extreme makeover at the detailien HIVE. This was the condition when it was sent to us. The car was brand new but stored at the warehouse for some time until the new owner purchased it. Before: After: The interior was still protected by the original plastic covering. Note the amount of dirt and stains. Plenty of dust from storage. The process begins with a thorough cleaning with Optimum Power Clean to remove any stains etc. The interior was detailed and protected by Optimum Protectant Plus. Lovely red leather seats. Note the stains. Cleaned up. Before: After: Finger nail scratches on the door handles before: After: Stains before: Nice and clean: The insides of the doors were also not spared and every small detail taken care off as well. After: Stains before: After: All done! A beautiful and rare car restored to all it's glory! Before: After: Thanks for looking.
  2. VW Polo perfected and protected with Optimum OptiCoat PRO @ the detailien HIVE. Black.... always a difficult color to perfect as the black will expose any imperfections in the paint as well as any improper paint correction. We take the utmost care at the detailien HIVE to ensure every car is fully and properly corrected before coating. The paint correction step is the most labor intensive and most important aspect of any coating job as any remaining paint imperfections will be sealed in by the coating. Applying the OptiCoat PRO... Under halogens to check the paint. Proper lighting is critical to properly inspect the paint. Lights also protected with OptiCoat PRO. Outsides of the rims also coated to make cleaning easier. All done! A sun shot just to show the paint is fully corrected. More rides to come!
  3. Ferrari 360 Modena in Rosso Corsa! Looks pretty decent..... but as they say, looks can be deceiving. Someone else leftover some residue... Very badly scratched headlights! Wounded stallion... Proper lighting is required to properly inspect the paint. The paint was very badly swirled with plenty of Random Isolated Deep Scratches (RIDS). Can this paint be saved or should it be repainted? The work begins.... First up, the headlights. Due to the deep scratches, the headlights were wetsanded, compounded and polished to remove the defects and restore them something worthy for a Ferrari. A test portion was carried out to determine the process required to correct the paint. That's more like it! Ferrari Rossa Corsa in all its glory. 50/50. Deep red gloss. All done! Thanks for looking!
  4. Porsche's @ the detailien HIVE How about some Porsche's for a change. Badge removal from a Porsche Boxster S. All done. A classic Porsche 964 Convertible for a full correction and protection with OptiCoat PRO. Love the reflections off curves of the Porsche. Deep wet gloss from the black paint. Thanks for looking. More to come...
  5. seech

    optimum product repackaging

    Hi, As the sole distributor for Malaysia, I am readily contactable at my email and would be glad to answer any of your queries. In any case, I have sent you a PM on this matter. Do contact me if you require any further clarification. Thanks.
  6. seech

    Optimum Opti-Coat Review

    Car Coatings? Hype or reality? The internet has been abuzz lately with all of the various types of car coatings available on the market. Some 'coatings' cost only a few hundred ringgit to apply while others cost thousands. What is the difference? Aside from the varying amount of work and effort put in to correcting the paint before the coating is applied, the main differentiating factor about coatings compared with traditional car protection products such as waxes and sealants, is that coatings offer longer term protection without the need to reapply the product. All of these products promise amazing durability and there have been some amazing claims about coating products in the market but how true are these claims and more importantly, how long does the coating last? Optimum OptiCoat is manufactured in the USA and is claimed to form a PERMANENT protective layer on top of the existing factory paint. Is Optimum OptiCoat really permanent or is it just another unsubstantiated manufacturers claim? The only way to find out is to put it to the test. To date, I have not seen any other coating being put through a similar test. I received one of the first bottles of Optimum OptiCoat from Dr. G of Optimum Polymer Technologies as a sample to test out. Obviously the best way to test anything out is to use it in the worst-case-scenario to see where the limits of the products are. I had posted my review of the Optimum OptiCoat sometime in May 2010 where it was being tested out on a car with clear coat failure to see if the coating would prevent the paint from becoming oxidized again after some time. If the Optimum OptiCoat does indeed form a permanent barrier then even paint with clear coat failure should still be protected by the Optimum OptiCoat. My previous post on Optimum OptiCoat can be found here: http://prodetailing....oat-review.html http://prodetailing....iew-update.html http://prodetailing....nal-update.html I had planned to stop updating the status of the Optimum OptiCoat as even after 15 months there was still no sign of any oxidization or the symptoms of clear coat failure returning to the portion which had been OptiCoated. However, the car which I carried out the coating test was being sold to a new owner so I thought that a Final Update was in order. How long does Optimum OptiCoat last? This is the oldest and most extreme test of the coating. Is it permanent? I can say with certainty that it most certainly still appears to be permanent after 2 years! The coating was applied on around May 2010 and it is now nearly 2 years since the coating was first applied. This was the condition of the paint with definite symptoms of clear coat failure. After correction and application of Optimum OptiCoat. Fast forward 2 years later... The side without Optimum OptiCoat is definitely suffering from clear coat failure! The OptiCoated side is still in good condition without any signs of oxidization or clear coat failure returning but there are now swirls in the coating from improper washing. One of the other benefits of coating is that if there is a need to correct the surface in the future, only the coating will be affected leaving the original paint untouched and as the coating is harder than the original factory clear coat, paint defects are more easily removed. In this case a simple light polish with Optimum Hyper Polish on a polishing pad with the Flex 3401 was more than sufficient to correct the defects on the coating. All done! Testing the reflection with a bottle of detailien alien wax! I think this picture says it all.... Test of water beading. How about some full sun shots? Lovely color and definition to the area protected by Optimum OptiCoat. Do coatings work? I haven't seen similar post about other coatings but.... OPTIMUM OPTICOAT CERTAINLY DOES! Original post on my blog:
  7. Brand new BMW F10 520d..... The owner wanted to protect his new ride and having been disappointed with another brand of coating which only lasted a few weeks. He decided to go with Optimum Opti-Coat. The coating only serves to protect the paint below. Any coating applied to uncorrected paint would only serve to permanently seal in any paint defects. The quality of result is dependent on the paint being fully corrected before the coating is applied. As this was a new car with only 150km on the clock, this should have been a fairly straightforward paint correction before coating..... should have been... As with the Porsche GT2 Detail, I was joined by Mun aka muyo of Hypergloss. The car had the usual dirt and grime... Which was easily cleaned up with Optimum No-Rinse. Especially when used with the Optimum Opti-Mitt. The wheels were surprisingly dirty. Easily removed with Optimum Power Clean. Except for these stains.... Which had seeped into the pores of the paint and could not be removed... Except by wet sanding... The stains seemed to have been flung up by the tires and were splattered on both sides of the car. And required spot sanding to remove... There were also some deeper scratches on the hood and bonnet which required compounding with Optimum Hyper Compound w/ Optimum Double-Sided Wool Pad. The advantage of the OHC is the very minimal dusting which comes in handy when only selected compounding is required as it does not cover the rest of the car in dust. The spot sanding marks were removed and the rest of the car polished with Optimum Hyper Polish w/ Optimum Double-Sided Red Foam Pad. This combination has enough correcting power to remove sanding marks while leaving behind a perfect finish. Mun at work. Prepped and ready for coating. Nice gloss and reflections after Opti-Coat. For more details of the detail and more pictures check out the original post here: ProDetailing: BMW F10 520d Optimum Opti-Coated
  8. Great job buddy!!! The black looks perfect!
  9. The Porsche 911 GT2 (997).... 523hp... 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds.... top speed 331 km/h (206 mph). First Porsche 911 to break 200 mph! Only 4 units in Malaysia... Only 6611 km on the clock... but... Some of the worst swirls and RIDS... A 50/50 shot of the corrected/uncorrected paintwork... A summary of the detail: Cleaned with ONR and Clayed. Taped off. Preparing for the 50/50 test area on the hood with Optimum Hyper Compound (OHC) on wool and Optimum Hyper Polish (OHP) on foam with rotary and Flex 3401 to finish. Thanks to Mun aka muyo from Hypergloss (My Detailing Art) for helping out with this massive paint correction. Metal-halide lamps are awesome at showing all of the paint defects! Fully corrected! Mun at work.... :-) After correction the paint was given an IPA wipedown and sealed with Optimum Opti-Seal. Awesome depth and clarity! After allowing the OOS to cure the paint was treated to a protective layer of Optimum Car Wax. For more of this epic correction, check out the full post at: ProDetailing: Porsche 911 GT2 (997) Extreme Paint Correction!!!
  10. Just posted a step-by-step guide on how to use ONR with the new Optimum Opti-Mitt on my blog:
  11. seech

    Optimum Opti Clean Review

    Hi Alvin. Haven't tried it as a clay lube. It should work just as well as ONR does though.
  12. seech

    Lots of streaking after application. :(

    I find what works best for me is to apply a few drops of the OptiCoat onto the paint and spread it evenly with a MF applicator pad. If there are any high spots I go over them with the MF pad and leave it to flash off and dry for about a minute or so. I then come back to the same area and go over it agein with a MF towel to ensure any remaining high spots are completely removed and the OptiCoat is evenly spread throughout the entire panel. Hope this helps! It works for me...
  13. After completing the full detail and Opti-Coating of the exterior, it was time to move on to the interior. After completing the Optimum Opti-Coating very, very, early in the morning... I continued the next day or should I say later that same morning with a light interior cleaning with Optimum Opti-Clean and protected the leather with Optimum Protectant Plus. Optimum Opti-Clean is the latest product from Optimum Polymer Technologies and is a revolutionary waterless wash which is suitable for cleaning exterior AND interior surfaces. The glass and wheels were then coated with Optimum Opti-Coat. Full details of this detail, posted on my blog:
  14. The owner of this AMG Mercedes had contacted me some time ago as he wanted to ensure that his newly acquired pride and joy was properly protected from the harsh environmental conditions with a protective layer of Optimum Opti-Coat. Optimum Opti-Coat forms a PERMANENT protective layer on the surface of the paint which helps protect the original paint from environmental damage. The Optimium Opti-Coat adds 2-3 microns to the thickness of the paint and is harder and more scratch resistant than the original factory paint. Optimum Opti-Coat also has superior hydrophobic properties which helps to ensure that dirt or other contaminants are less likely to bond with the paint and to make cleaning and maintaining the paint easier. Should there be any need to remove any stains which have bonded to the paint such as watermarks, the Optimum Opti-Coat can be polished while leaving the original factory paint untouched. A common misconception with regards to coating is that the coat itself is the most important part of the process. The coating does matter but it is the surface preparation that makes all of the difference to the appearance of the paint and the coating is added as the last step to protect the paint. Any paint defects that are not corrected will be sealed in by the coating and hence it is critical to ensure the paint is properly corrected before coating. This Mercedes Benz AMG E-Class took well over 15 hours and two-days to carry out the paint correction and Opti-Coating of the exterior and glass surfaces. A....M....G.... Swirls and RIDS.... No need to PANIC!!! Optimum Hyper Compound and Optimum Hyper Polish are here to save the day.... After many, many, hours... lots of sweat and a little beer.... Too many pics of the entire process to post here. For the entire detail of this detail: