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  1. sydtoosic

    Opti-Seal removal

    thanx Ron, I guess I can scrap that solution. So I'l just leave well enough alone and wait for about 6/12 months then add another coat of OGC... I didn't think it was as chemical resistant as OC2.0.
  2. Opti clean FTW... I pre soak the car with it before I ONR... I don't spray and wipe anything off the car, especially pollen.
  3. sydtoosic

    Opti-Seal removal

    Seems safer than polishing... However, I have OGC underneath the OOS, so how would I really know... Because I will still get the beading/sheeting from the GC? Is OGC as chemical resistant as OC 2.0???
  4. Throw the chamois in the garbage ASAP...
  5. Don't forget to rinse the pollen off the car first... After washing the out of sight spots, apply a wax or sealant to those areas...
  6. sydtoosic

    Can I use clay bar?

    Nothing is supposed to adhere to OCP... How did dirt become imbedded in the coating??? The release properties of the OCP is supposedly excellent. If you use a fine clay then you should be fine. OOE worked great for me...
  7. I hate to start new topics, but I asked the same question in another thread and a week later I still have no answer... I have coated my car with OGC, I have since applied 3 layers of OOS on top... Will the OOS have to be removed in order for me to lay down another coat of OGC??? I am asking because I do know that fresh paint is needed for application, however others are applying OGC over OC 2.0 etc... Will the OGC play nice if I apply a coat over the OOS???
  8. sydtoosic

    Layering Opti-Gloss Coat?

    I also want to layer OGC, however... I have 3 coats of OOS on top of the OGC... Would it behoove me to remove the OOS before adding another layer of OGC???
  9. sydtoosic

    Few OOS / OGC pics

    [ these are the beading pics i promised with a couple extra... need to wetsand that orange peel...imagine the reflection if the orange peel was gone... on my to do list. glass glass pic... moral of the story... optimum products are amazing. coating and sealant are a week old, second coat of OOS went on today. OGC(on paint&glass) / OC 2.0(on wheels) / OOS on the entire car.
  10. sydtoosic

    OOS 12 step program...

    I think I have a problem... I can't stop using this stuff. I recently applied OGC then waited 5 days to wash the car, 1 day after I applied OOS to the whole car, even the windows... Big shout out to Mr. Lacroix. 48 hrs later I found myself in the garage giving her an ONR bath and adding another layer of OOS, again to the whole car. Wheels were done also, but my wheels have OC 2.0 on them... Didn't know it worked so well on glass, used a huck towel to knock down the spots that didn't evaporate. Will post pics of the window beading and the paint... Drove on the highway at 50+ mph in heavy rain and didn't even turn on the wipers. This stuff rocks. Funny thing is I had OOS on my shelf and barely used it. I would use it as a drying aid, but now I see it was a waste of product... Looks much better and performs much better when applied to a dry car, I apply as if I were applying OC.
  11. sydtoosic

    OGC after 5 days

    my question has been answered... can a moderator please remove this thread/post... thanx
  12. sydtoosic

    Reason for this forum???

    just read the MDR and Ferrex thread... border line homicidal, dislikes animals, steals laundry change from the unexpecting, you my friend are a cool dude... ... just kidding. you were just trying to repair a glitch in the software so to speak...
  13. sydtoosic

    Reason for this forum???

    thanx Setec... Gotcha
  14. sydtoosic

    When Is It Safe To Wash

    Thanx Ron. I hope I did no damage, I foamed via cannon with optimum car wash, washed with ONR solution and used OID as a drying aid... I did it on the 5th day... 6th day I poured water and also used spray bottle... The OGC seems to be beading and sheeting as it should.