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    Porsche's @ the detailien HIVE

    Wow. Great work. Sent from my GT-I9205 using Tapatalk 2
  2. Bernard78

    newbie from malaysia

    Welcome to the forum. Sent from my GT-I9205 using Tapatalk 2
  3. Bernard78

    Shiny greetings from Finland

    Warm welcome to the forum Sent from my GT-I9205 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Bernard78

    Opti-Coat + OCW (after an hour)

    Alright thks Chris for ur help.
  5. I was wondering if after I applied OC/OG and leave it for say; after an hour or so can I use OCW on the paint surface? The reason I ask is coz I wanna a slick finish after applying OC/OG. Will doing so harm the OC/OG curing? I thought about this coz well since we can use OCW to wipe off the residue of OP, I thought I could try this method in OC/OG? I want to have a slick finish to touch. Say eg. customer of mine coming to take his/her car. They touch it and feels the slickness and is satified with the result....... And since on this topic, lets say if for example after the OCW's durability diminished, will the beading and sheeting of OC/OG comes back it to place? What I mean is for example I applied OC/OG, then I applied a wax, After the wax protection diminishes, will I get the beading and the sheeting of OC/OG back? Thanks for your kind reply. Have a great day.
  6. Bernard78

    Opti Coat on solid white

    Nicely done. Great job. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
  7. Bernard78

    Question on OCW

    Wow..... nice to hear about the new QD. Looking forward to it. I love slickness.....
  8. Bernard78

    Polishing with Optimum Polish video

    Thanks Mr. Anthony. I just love to learn more on how to use the OP. Thanks a million.
  9. Bernard78


    Warm welcome Erik W. to the forum.
  10. Bernard78

    Comments on AutoGlym

    Cool..... I've used Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine and EGP. In our country Malaysia. Before Meguairs came in, this couple of years. The Autoglym was known to be the best in our market. And it has been here if I'm not mistaken for bout more than 10 years. They are good products. Altho I've stop using them these few years. Optimum products I still need to get them from the US or Singapore. And some other etc stuffs from the US too.
  11. Bernard78

    Howdy from Akron, Ohio!

    Warm welcome to the forum.
  12. Bernard78

    The Mutha of All Details!!

    Man this is what I call a perfectionist man....... Awesome work. I never thought this is possible. Thanks SteveH for this article. It could be sold off as a brand new car or should I say better, out from the VW production line.
  13. Bernard78

    2 More No Rinse videos

    Thanks Anthony, I am impressed with ONR and gonna get them through my Singapore distributor asap. As my dad is scolding me that I used too much water every month to wash my car. TQ.
  14. Bernard78

    Bimerfest slide show

    I just love the new BMW M3. And Red color is just stunning. Thks for the BMW slideshow link. Thank you kindly Mr. Ron Harris. I just love the Red M3. I'm using it for my PC wallpaper.
  15. Bernard78

    Opti-Seal on my car

    Hi Bence Thank u kindly. It's quite an old car but still ok to drive. Bought it cheap from my uncle. TQ.