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  1. hag6

    Logo peeling off

    I bought an Opti-Mitt from a reputable on-line retailer here in the UK. On receipt I noticed that the Opti-mitt logo on the yellow sponge was a faded light blue. This looked different to the images I had seen where the Opti-mitt logo looks a bold deep blue. I have used the mitt about 4 or 5 times only with ONR and the logo is now flaking off. Small paint flecks are picked up by the microfiber drying towel. Is this normal or do I have a defective item. Your thoughts appreciated.
  2. hag6

    Optimum Opti-Clean first time

    I am still experimenting with ooc to find the best dilution ratio for cleaning ability, non-marring and smear free-finish on a metallic black car. I am using the suggested 3:1 ratio so I mix 500 mls of distilled water with 4 ozs of ooc. I have just tried onr as a waterless wash mixing 2oz of onr with 1lt of distilled water. By dragging a plush mf cloth across the paint work, rather than rubbing or putting any pressure on the cloth, this method works as well as ooc. My main question is why can ooc not be diluted into a weaker mix if it is stronger than onr if used as waterless wash
  3. hag6

    Optimum Opti-Clean first time

    I havent been able to clean my car for two weeks so it was fairly dirty. I sprayed the entire car with onr (1oz diluted in 2 litres of water). I then sprayed one panel at time with oc (diluted 3:1) and wiped the dirt off with a plush mf cloth. The cloth moved very smoothly across the bodywork and left behind a clean surface with only a slightly smeary residue which I buffed away with a dry plush mf. So I am impressed with the cleaning abilities of oc. The onr pre-spray helped the oc solution go further and may have assisted with the dirt removal. The alloy wheels were almost black with dirt. I soaked each wheel with onr spray followed with oc. I then gently wiped away the dirt with short piled mf cloths. I used three cloths in total. The end result was impressive the softened dirt was easily removed by the cloths. The windows were wiped over with the second push cloth which I used to buff away the residue from the body work. The cloth had beome damp with oc/onr and when wiped across the glass cleaned away the dirt. The smears where buffed away with a short pile general purpose nf cloth. Finally the only negative; the plastic trim. No matter how many times I wiped the wheel arches and lower sills I could not remove the dirt it seems to be too ingrained its only muddy road dirt. I may need a brush or harder medium to get the onr or oc to shift this dirt. Overall I am still confident that oc is very a good product and can be used during the more difficult winter time.
  4. Overall I am impressed with the results. It cleans well and leaves a nice glossy finish. The final result is similar to ONR which I have been using for several months but wanted to try the waterless version for convenience. The car a 2007 black Mini covered in a week's worth of road dirt. I mixed up 500mls into a spray bottle (3:1 - 375mls of ionized water to 4fl oz of opti-clean). I used 2 good quality mf cloths (one side has a plush pile the other short pile) to clean the bodywork and I needed all of the 500mls to clean the bodywork. Working on one panel at a time I used the plush side of the cloths to wipe the opti-clean across the car's surface. The cloths became saturated very quickly so I used the short-pile side of the cloth to wipe across the windscreen, rear and side windows and used another dry mf to dry and buff the glass. I also used the saturated short-pile to wipe down the plastic trim. The cleaning power of opti-clean was sufficient to get the trim clean - it seemed a waste to use up any more of the solution. I had just enough of the original 500mls to lightly spray all four wheels but as they were quite dirty with dust. I needd to add a further 1oz of OC to my remaining solution to provide a bit more cleaning power. I used three more (general purpose short-pile) MF cloths to gently wipe the wheels clean. This is the same technique I use to clean the wheels when using ONR mixed up as 1.5 ltrs of water to 1oz of ONR. The end result is good but it is a more expensive option when compared to ONR as I need to use about 5oz of opti-clean for one wash.
  5. hag6

    Review: Optimum Opti Clean

    Great review CD. Thanks for your time & efforts. I am also curious to know if opti-clean can be used in the same way as onr ie diluted in a bucket as a no rise wash. Given the higher concentration of key cleaning ingredients opti-clean this would make a more cost effective wash solution eg 0.5oz per 1-2 gallons.
  6. hag6

    U.K. delivery

    hi ive made an inquiry via detailingworld. Lets hope that a uk seller can stock the 32oz option