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  1. Damian@FI

    OCW on Red RX3

    Since then the owner has completely stripped and re-painted the car (and changed many other aspects). Here it is now after a recent detail: For anyone interested, here is the Paint Before and here are a couple of shots after the Paint Correction alone (no LSP) and probably the images in terms of representation of fidelity of actual paint colour. _________________________________ shine! _________________________________ rear tyres! _________________________________ again, shine! _________________________________ again, rear tyres!
  2. Damian@FI

    OCW on Red RX3

    Hi Guys, I've changed gallery since, here are the some of the old pics of this car:
  3. Damian@FI

    OCW layering and cure time

    I find a little smearing occuring when layering within 24 hours, esp in low temp weather. I find 3 days minimum the best time to wait. This coudl be due to conditions in Melbourne, Australia though.
  4. Damian@FI

    When might we see the new OCW?

    I'm looking foward to using this.
  5. Damian@FI

    OCW on Red RX3

    Thanks for the kind words, I just cannot leave it as is, I want to give the finish the durability it needs before returning it to the customer. I haven't tried Opti-Seal yet, but love OCW. d.
  6. Damian@FI

    OCW on Red RX3

    She's 560hp & 500Nm Would Opti-Seal remove some of my depth or gloss on this Red?
  7. Damian@FI

    OCW on Red RX3

  8. Damian@FI

    OCW on Red RX3

    Deep. Wet. Red. d.
  9. Damian@FI

    Product Abbreviations

    Here is a list of the most commonly used abbreviations I use on forums. Mods, if this is not wanted (because of competing brands) I'll understand if deleted. You can pick & choose the ones suitable. AIO All-In-One (Zaino, Klasse or Polylack) AP063 Menzerna Sealing Wax CL Clay Lube CMCB Clay Magic Clay Bar Edge Brand of Polishig Pad FGC Fast Glass Cleaner GPC General Purpose Cleaner H2O Water HGSG Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze IG Stoner Invisible Glass IP Menzerna Intensive Polish LC Leather Conditioner LSP Last Step Product LV Lexol Vinylex MF Microfibre or Microfibre MSLT Stoner More Shine Less Time MSTD Final Inspection Mid Sheen Tyre Dressing OCW Optimum Car Wax P21S P21S Brand PNS Polylack Nano Seal PO106FF Menzerna Final Finish Hi-Cut Hi Gloss (for CeramiClear) PO85RD Menzerna Final Finish High Gloss (for CeramiClear) PO85RD3.01 Menzerna Intensive Polish (for CeramiClear) PO85U Menzerna Final Finish Hi-Cut PO87MF Menzerna Final Finish PO91L Menzerna Intensive Polish POS34A Menzerna Powergloss PPBS Final Inspection Paint Pampering Body Shampoo PS Pinnacle Souverän Paste Wax PWC Final Inspection Power Wheel Cleaner QD Quick Detailer QEW Quick & Easy Wash (Low water wash) RO Random Orbital Polisher SSB Stoner Speed Bead SSBS Final Inspection Synthetic Suds Body Shampoo WM Wash Mitt WWDT Waffle Weave Drying towel Z Zaino Brand Z1 Zaino Show Car Sealant Lock Z10 Zaino Leather Conditioner Z12 Zaino Glass Polish Z14 Zaino Plastic Cleaner & Polish Z16 Zaino Tyre Dressing Z18 Zaino Clay Z2 Zaino Show Car Sealant for Clear Coated Finishes (now Z2pro) Z3 Zaino Show Car Sealant for Regular Paint Z5 Zaino Sealant for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches (now Z5pro) Z6 Zaino Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray Z7 Zaino Show Car Wash Z8 Zaino Grand Finale Spray Z9 Zaino Leather Cleaner ZFX Zaino Accelerator Additive For Z2, Z3, Z5 Z-CS Zaino Clear Seal Z-AIO Zaino All-In-One µm Micrometer - Paint Thickness Unit of Measurment (nanometer - micrometer - millimeter - centimeter - decimeter - meter - decameter - hectometer - kilometer) Also, BEER Australian Detailing Drink. d.
  10. Damian@FI

    Damian is here

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Those sigs look great.
  11. Damian@FI

    Silicone in OCW?

    Ah, awesome. Thanks Anth. d.
  12. Damian@FI

    Silicone in OCW?

    I don't think it was intentional but I have advertised that OCW has no silcone in it and someone has stated otherwise. Now I confidently inform my customers otherwise. Is there any MSDS info on OCW available to me? Many thanks, d.
  13. Damian@FI

    Silicone in OCW?

    Hey Anth & Dave, you don't know me, but I know you two, much respect from here. Thanks for the replies. I was referring to OCW (Optimum Car Wax), not poliseal (which I am currently testing) and it's great to know that OCW contains no silicone. My customers had found a site containg info on OCW informing customers that it contained silicones and I was just checking. I use OCW frequently in Bodyshops as well. Awesome Product, so easy to use and the appearance it yeilds is very unique. I love the gradual increase in Depth and the gloss level, a very classy looking wax imo. Thanks again for the replies, d.
  14. Damian@FI

    Silicone in OCW?

    I've been using OCW for a while (about a year) and love it. Just wondering though, does OCW contain silicones? Thanks in advance, d.
  15. Damian@FI

    Damian is here

    Hi Guys, Damian is my name, my company is Final Inspection Auto Boutique and I’ve been lurking here anonymously for months. I've decided to join and also would like to comment on what a great site this is and such a good source of info on Optimum Products. I retail Optimum products in Australia and use them extensively in our Car Wash/Detailing Facility in Melbourne, Australia. The work I do can be found in my gallery here: http://gallery.finalinspection.com.au/ I've got a question already which I'll post in the appropriate section right now! Cheers Damian.