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  1. I've been unable to find time and clear weather (no garage, Boston area) to do my normal claying, swirl removal and wax/sealer, so I'm going to use some of my older OCW (been in the cellar a couple years) after washing the car as a quick fix. It would take 4 days for me to get some new OCW from Autogeek, so that is out. Unfortunately I have spine surgery coming up late next month and am going to not be able to do any stooping over a car for at least two months, by that time we will be into bad winter weather. Have a good weather day today, so I'm going to use the old OCW. I'm not in the mood to mask all the rubber trim with tape, so I guess I have to be careful applying the OCW.
  2. I did look on my bottle and it says "UV" on the label, but it is a couple years old. When was OCW reformulated?
  3. How long do I need to wait after applying Opti-Seal to apply Optimum Car Wax on top???
  4. charlestek

    Poli-Seal Over Glaze?

    I'm working on my black car, finishing up swirl removal with Meguiars 205. I normally put Meguiars machine glaze on the paint before waxing/sealing. However, I was going to use Poli-Seal then Opti-Seal over the glaze. However, the Poli-Seal is a cleaner, so ??? I guess it would remove the glaze?? If that is true, the other option is to put Opti-Seal over the glaze and skip the Poli-Seal. Or I could skip the glaze and use the Poli-Seal and then the Opti-Seal. So the question is which way might give me a better finish??
  5. charlestek

    Poli-Seal Over Glaze?

    Dr. G, Many thanks for the analysis. Actually Meguiar's site says that the glaze has no abrasive polishes, just oils. So, anyway, I decided to forgo the glaze and applying the Poli-Seal after swirl removal, then a couple layers of Opti-Seal, then a coat of Optimum Car Wax.
  6. charlestek

    Drying time between OS and applying OCW

    Integrity, Thanks again. I waited an hour before I applied it. I know somewhere here in the forums it tells you OS takes like 12 hours to cross link, so I was afraid you were supposed to wait for that first, but that is a long wait.
  7. charlestek

    Poli-Seal Over Glaze?

    Chris, Thank you. I wonder how much the durability of OS would be affected by having the glaze under it. I guess I would be using the glaze for hiding. Info for Meguiars glaze states that there are no abrasives in the glaze, just paint oils more or less. This is the first time I've used OS or PS. Formerly I would always glaze before sealing or waxing, so this is a different learning experience for me.