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  1. Flawless Reflections

    Questions about my new coat of Opti-Guard

    Off topic here, but did you replace your iPhone 5? Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  2. Flawless Reflections

    2013 Journey Opti Guarded

    Thank you very much Jon! Jeff, I use the SC and then just use a mf dampened in my ONR mix just to make sure there's no dust or anything on the surface. I don't use ERASER or IPA or anything other than that. That way, there's no risk of damage to the surface prior to coating. Also, in addition, I find SC is a very good product to make sure your true correction is done prior to coating.
  3. Flawless Reflections

    2013 Journey Opti Guarded

    This gentleman had done his homework and had discovered Opti Guard/Coat online and had then found my website by searching for installers in his area. He called me a few months ago after he had just ordered this new 2013 Journey. I could tell he was very excited to receive his car and I certainly wanted to make it look its best and give it the best protection possible to boot. I quoted him 8 hours to wash, decontaminate and a one step polish followed by a paint cleaning and then OG to the paint, wheels and glass. I ended up spending 9 hours and also dressed the trim and tires. They were very pleased, but I'm getting ahead of the story. Here it is as it arrived. Like our Canadian winter so far??? Gotta love the Banana belt of Canada!! There were a couple of small marks, but nothing serious at all. He had given strict instructions to the dealer not to wash it. Luckily, they complied. First up was the wheels. There was a very tight clearance between the caliper and the barrel. Perfect fit for the Raceglaze XL brush! The wheels, barrels and wells were cleaned with Zep Citrus. The tires were cleaned with Zep 505 cut a bit (maybe 25%). The car was then foamed with a strong mix of DG 901 and Zep Citrus. That was followed up with IX decontamination gel on a grout sponge. That was then followed by a regular wash of DG 901. The vehicle was then brought inside wet to clay with Carpro Elastofoam. It was then dried off. The paint was in good condition and I wanted something strong enough to make the metallic jump a bit more and to give it a wetter look. I first tried Opt HP with a white B & S pad. It was OK. I tried M205 with the same pad next to it. Better. Not a lot, but enough. M205 it was. That was followed by DG Squeaky Clean on a black B & S pad, both used with the Flex. The glass got coated with Opt glass coating. (I'm almost out!) The paint, wheels, front grille and tail pipes and head and tail lights were all coated with OG. The trim was dressed with WETS. The tires were shot with Opti Bond via spray gun. The paint was then wiped down with UWW. It was raining out so any outside shots were out of the question. Here are inside shots of it: Thanks for looking. Comments appreciated.
  4. Flawless Reflections

    My New Video (OG one year later)

    Thanks. I figured I might as well post it here too. Belongs here more than anywhere truth be told. Looking forward to that PM later.
  5. Flawless Reflections

    My New Video (OG one year later)

    Not the best filming in the world, but I happen to have access to this car I did a year ago with OG and wanted to see how it was holding up. You be the judge:
  6. Flawless Reflections

    faulty syringe

    Chris, I left you a PM on L2D regarding this. I tried to here but was blocked from doing it. Please respond to the PM at L2D. Thanks.
  7. Flawless Reflections

    2011 Explorer- Opti Guarded

    INSIDE AFTERS: OUTSIDE AFTERS: You can see it was just starting to spit rain as I pulled it out. It was a race to get the pics in time. CHIP REPAIR Thanks for looking. Just shy of 12 hours total. Comments appreciated.
  8. Flawless Reflections

    2011 Explorer- Opti Guarded

    This vehicle belongs to my Physiotherapist. He got it new in the fall. I quoted him for a one step for paint and OG for paint, wheels and glass. This was exterior only. We have a billion dollar construction project underway to build a new bridge to connect Canada and the US, so some of our local roads are literally a mud-bath (minus the hot chicks in bikinis!). That stuff is just plain nasty to remove from the paint. Unfortunately, his work is right smack in that area so it will be a good test for the OG to see how it stands up to that abuse. (I know it will do just fine!). Here's the condition as it arrived. Thankfully the bird bomb was not a permanent etch and there was one chip to fill in. Actually I found several more and did them all. CHIP: BIRD BOMB: WHEEL AREA: OTHER AREAS: He specifically showed me the areas under the doors and beneath them and the body. They were filthy. WHEELS/WELLS/BARRELS/TIRES: The tires were the biggest challenge here. This is the first time that Zep Purple did not completely remove all dirt from the tires. I had to go back over them and I used ARO at 100%! That did it although it was still not perfect, but much, much better. The barrels got Tarminator sprayed in dry and allowed to dwell while I did the wells which got Zep Citrus and agitated with a long handled brush. The tires were done as mentioned while the barrels soaked in Tarminator. Then the barrels had ZC sprayed into them and agitated and pw'd off. The faces were also done with ZC. The door jam bottom area was power washed with the machine turned off so it was a concentrated, yet gentle spray so as not to soak everything around. It was then sprayed down with ZC and washed with a demoted wash mitt and a separated bucket of 901 and then rinsed. I used a wheel woolie to get into nooks and crannies. Next up was the vehicle wash. First was an extensive rinse using the power washer to try to strip as much of the sticky mud off as possible. It was then foamed with a strong mix of 901 and Dawn and allowed to dwell. I then power washed that off and did a wash with a similar soap mix. Finally it was clean. This process took me over 2 hours. I've usually clayed by this point! The vehicle was then brought inside wet to clay with Riccardo yellow. I used the MB to blast off the wheels, tires and wells prior to starting to clay. ONR was used as clay lube and then the vehicle was wiped down wit ONR prior to being dried. Now up to 4 hours by this point. The paint was pretty good really. It needed a fine polish. Here's the condition after clay: PAINT POLISHING: This was going to be a one step, so I needed something gentle on this soft paint, and yet something that would make the paint "pop". I first tried Menz FG500 and a yellow B/S pad. Too harsh. I then tried it with a white B/S pad....naah...still not good enough. Then back to tried and true: M205 with a green B/S pad...BINGO!! Lovely clarity and finished down beautifully. There were a few areas with some heavier scratches (nothing terrible) that got M105/yellow B/S prior. The paint was then ONR'd followed by ERASER to prepare for the OG. The paint, glass and chrome was then treated to OG. It took a while (I'm guessing about 2 hours) to do the OG on it. Took longer than normal for me, but I was being very careful to avoid any high spots as this mirror finish black showed everything. Worth the effort though I think. Here's a shot of the reflection after polishing only: WHEELS/TIRES: The wheels got wiped down with ERASER and then treated to OG. The tires were treated with DP Tire gel. The wells were sprayed down with Megs HD and then wiped down. TRIM: The trim was treated with UTTG.
  9. Flawless Reflections

    layering Opti Guard

    Great. Thanks for the response. I'll be looking forward to trying the new OG when I get it.
  10. Flawless Reflections

    layering Opti Guard

    Chris, I still have one syringe left of the original formula of OG. I remember when it first came out, it was advised that it could be topped. What I don't remember was the time frame. I'm thinking it was from 5 to 15 minutes after the first coat application. Can you clarify what the time is? Also, same question for the new version, or did just OC change and not OG?
  11. Flawless Reflections

    2011 Sierra- Using Chris' Method for Opti Bond

    OK, thanks for the tip. I was playing with the output of the gun and put it heavy on one tire, so I wiped it down with a terry towel. I liked the appearance that gave it, so I did that on all of them (that was for a BMW I just did and will post later). This is now my go-to method, no question!
  12. Flawless Reflections

    1990 Original Owner Z28 Opti Guarded

    Hey Chris, I hear you on the nostalgia part. My father was a GM dealer until 1991 and I used to order in my own demonstrators. I'd order a Firebird Formula special model with a 5.0 L V-8 and if you got it in conjunction with a 5 speed manual, you could choose a 3.73 rear end which made it incredibly fast off the line! I would delete the ugly 3 colour stripe from the side so it just said "Formula" down the side. It looked great. Plus you could get that engine with the T bar roofs (which you could not get them with the 5.7L (350 CID) motor. It also came with a dual exhaust system back to the cats. It sounded great and was very fast. GM also had a factory subwoofer with a sliding gain switch too, so the stereo (for stock) sounded amazing! My demo's would sell within a month every time. I would also usually order red for myself and would polish it weekly with Meguiars #7 which made the red just pop! Boy, do I miss driving those cars!!
  13. Flawless Reflections

    2011 Sierra- Using Chris' Method for Opti Bond

    Thank you. I just wish I'd tried it sooner!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Flawless Reflections

    1990 Original Owner Z28 Opti Guarded

    Thanks very much! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Flawless Reflections

    2011 Sierra- Using Chris' Method for Opti Bond

    Now for OUTSIDE SHOTS: Tailgate scratch just filled in and only leveled with 501: Scratches on driver's side doors vastly improved. Leveled slightly with M105 and B & S yellow pad: Thanks for looking. Comments appreciated.