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  1. Jeff120

    Best way to maintain Opti Coat

    Would you guys suggest using Power clean for bugs and tar on OPT coat? I was going to try in at 3:1 or maybe less?
  2. Jeff120


    Are OPT polishes SMAT or diminishing abrasives?
  3. Jeff120


    Didnt the line of OPT polished recently get an upgrade? Im not seeing it in the store? What changed?
  4. Jeff120

    Opti Coat v1 on a Jeep

    Looks awesome, dripping wet.
  5. Jeff120

    OPT Tire Shine~New Formula

    Its been a week, it rained a few days after I applied it. Driven about 250 miles, dressing has faded, but still looks decent.
  6. Just have a quick photo to show that shine that I am getting with the new formula. Im digging it! Not super glossy(like Megs Endurance) but nice and shinny. Im still testing durability but my first application yielded about 2 weeks with rain in between, not to shabby!
  7. Jeff120

    OPT Mitt Review

    Spring is on its way, that means I dont have to rush around to do a rinseless wash trying to keep from fingers from getting frost bitten! I won OPTs give-a-way and promised to do a review on the Mitt. I am fairly new to rinseless washing, started doing it towards the end of summer 2010. Ive never been extremely comfortable with the idea. I didnt like how much dirt always showed up on my microfiber mit and towels. I would typically use 1 mf mitt, and 2 mf towels to do a rinseless wash. With a traditional wash your mit released the dirt that gets trapped in it within the soapy solution. A rinseless doesnt work the same way and I do a lot more scrubbing against the grit guard to help insure a swirl free finish. I dont have any OPT rinseless, I have been using DP rinseless, bubble gum smell and leaves and awesome shine! 2 bucket wash, I used about 2.5 gallons of wash water and a gallon and a half in the gray bucket as a rinse bucket. Note the DIY grit guard to fit the smaller bucket. My other HD bucket was soaking some MF towels. I put the label recommend amount of DP Rinseless in both the wash and rinse bucket, dont know if it really helps, but that is how I do it. The subject was washed about a week and a half ago, the pollen is starting to fly here and your car is yellow/green with pollen a day after you detail it. Sucks! It isnt this bad yet but its starting to show up. This is a hand smudge on the A pillar Silver is difficult to capture dirty on Washing with the mitt was a pleasure and much easier then using my typical method. It also seems to release dirt much eaiser then your typical MF products. Ive heard folks complaining about the hole size for you hand in the mit but I didnt have much trouble. I could see that as a potential for it to start to tear at the point where the yellow back meets the black foam. I see how the string is handy to have as Im sure we have all dropped a mitt while washing, but with your hand in the mitt it seems like to much. I kept forgetting to put it around my had or tucking it in. Ill probably end up just cutting it off. I did seem to use more of the wash solution. The mitt holds a TON of water, which is a good thing. I just need to wring it out more I guess. I had just enough to finish my wash with the water sitting right about the grit guard. Now on to the important part. Did washing with the OPT Mitt induce any swirls? Well........ Looks pretty good to me. DP rinseless and OPT wash mitt= a winning combination, in the words of Charlie Sheen---Winning!!! Good stuff! Ive RWed this car when it was much dirtier this winter using my method above with MF towels, I would feel much more comfortable doing it now with the OPT mitt. It released dirt much eaiser. You may have noticed the slice out of the top. I think I did that cleaning around the grill or badging, not sure. Either way care should be noted when working around sharp areas as the mitt fairly soft. This is the only con that I have with the mitt is its first use I tore it. If you have any ?s I can answer please let me know. Im looking forward to many more washes with the Mitt and Ill have to pick up some Opt Rinseless when I run out of the DP and review that combo. Thanks again Chris and OPT!
  8. Jeff120

    Powerclean Review

    I was lucky enough to win a bottle of powerclean and promised to do a review on it. Our weather has seems to be breaking, it was 50 and windy this weekend. Better then 20s and snow! I had some time where I didnt have to rush around trying to keep my hands from freezing so i decided to take some quick photos of my process. I used powerclean diluted 3:1 per direction on the bottle. I was going to tackle my wheels and tires that havent been cleaned for about 3 weeks. Last protectant that I put on them was the the Opt tire shine, which seems to keep my tires cleaner, but that will be another review. The subject, as you can see my tires have raised white letters that make it a little more difficult to clean. I typical use Blech White or Megs APC+ @4:1 to clean the tires. Wheels had typical break dust and some grime on them Sprayed the product on wheel and tires, let it soak for about 30 sec and scrubbed with a tire brush. Looking at the white letters 1 pass didnt get them bright white, it left a little behind. After another quick spray and scrub of just the letters its nice and clean now. Full wheel view Tire dried Overall I am happy with how the product cleaned. Comparing Powerclean to Megs APC+ they seem similar to me for cleaning wheels and tires, Powerclean is more expensive. For wheels and tires I think I will continue to use Meg APC based solely on cost. This is somewhere I tend to use a lot of product so I am thrifty with what I use. I will have to try some Powerclean under the hood, on exterior bugs/left over wax, and on the interior before I make my final ruling on this product. Powercleans label says paint safe, I cant make that same claim for Megs APC+. Let me know if you have any questions that I can answer. Thanks Chris and OPT for giving me the chance to try out your products.
  9. Jeff120

    Power Clean-Presoak

    With winter weather here, I like to presoak heavy salt and road grime areas before washing. Would power clean work in this area or will it remove wax? Im thinking it will even if I dilute it a lot.
  10. Jeff120

    OPT finish vs Polish II

    Great, Ill have to pick some up!
  11. Jeff120

    OPT finish vs Polish II

    Im looking for a finish polish, something to follow megs 205 for some final jeweling. These 2 have caught my eye. What is the difference between the 2 they sound pretty similar to me. Which is a better follow up to 205 for jeweling and on soft paints.
  12. Jeff120

    OPP uses

    OCW is car wax? You put that on exterior plastics?
  13. Jeff120

    New guy!

    Hey all, new to this forum as well as OPT products! Looking forward to trying and learning more about the products.