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  1. After a car wash do i have to dry my car completely in order to apply OCW ? One more question is it safe to apply OCW on windows or is not recommended.
  2. 2SLICK4U

    Layering OCW v2?

    Thx Chris for answering my question.Today was the first time i used OCW, and i'm very impressed how easy wipes off and looks wet and shiny only problem i had was the temperature it was about 35 deg today too cold but overall 5 stars and i'm glad i bought 1 gal god bless OPT
  3. 2SLICK4U

    Layering OCW v2?

    Just a question about Optimum Car Wax Layering. If i wash my car once a week and than i would use OCW how many layers can i do is there a limit?
  4. 2SLICK4U

    Optimum Car Wax and plastic

    I have a gallon of Optimum Car Wax and can't wait to use it and it works on plastic and windows that's even better
  5. 2SLICK4U

    Hi from Allentown PA

    I joined this forum to learn more about OPT line of products.