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  1. I just recently gave my white car a good washing and noticed many small brown/orange spots on the lower half of the car and especially on the rear end. I live in Northeast Ohio. I'm assuming it is something that I pick up from the road. I've seen it before on other vehicles that I have cleaned. What Optimum products work best at cleaning off these spots?
  2. What is the best way to get rid of road salt on interior carpets using Optimum products? I live in Northeast Ohio where there is plenty of road salt.
  3. How do you become an "Approved Dealer" for Opti-Coat. Or is there such a thing? Is there any specific training or certification available to advertise yourself as a specially trained detailer that applies this product?
  4. Thanks guys. Your suggestions have been very helpful!
  5. Thanks Eggtuary for your posts. They were very helpful.
  6. RSF

    First Impression Opti-bond tire gel

    Chris, What specific air gun are you using to apply the Opti Bond and where can I purchase one? Also, what would be the suggested PSI for the air compressor? Thanks!
  7. I'm preparing to start a part time detailing business using primarily Optimum products. I'm working on my menu for my website and would like some suggestions for what to include in an express or mini detail. I'm especially interested in what products to use on the exterior that would give some basic protection and also be very fast to apply. We all know that time is money and I'm wanting to provide a good service in the shortest amount of time giving my clients good value. Please be specific in your list of Optimum products and also your suggested procedures. Thanks so much!
  8. I just had body work done on my 01 Chrysler T & C. The body shop suggests waiting 90 days until protection is applied to the paint. I'm wanting to know if it's safe to use ONR once or twice a week to clean my van until I am able to put on some protection? Are there any Optimum cleaning products that should NOT be used on fresh paint? Thanks!
  9. Can OOC be applied in direct sunlight? What are the dilution ratios for the concentrated version? Ideally, I'm wanting to use this product in a portable low pressure powered sprayer. What about the other OPT product line? Which ones can and cannot be applied in direct sunlight?
  10. I'm preparing to start my part time week-end detailing business using many of the Optimum products and I have several questions regarding some of the more expensive equipment purchases I'll need to make. 1. If I'm NOT planning on using a hose for free flowing water what portable systems would be suggested that would give me some pressure spraying for rinsing the wheels/tires or the engine bay or some major mud/dirt on the paint? There are several portable battery operated sprayers on the market. (Mytee Boss, Chemical Guys sprayer, Nomad, etc) 2. If using chemicals that are environmentally friendly is it necessary to have a water containment matt in order to be fully compliant? 3. What canopies are easy to set up for one operator? What sizes? 10x15, 10x20, Best places to purchase from? 4. Suggested hot water extractors and steam machines? If I can only afford one to start with would it be better to start with an extractor or a steam machine? 5. This is not just for mobile use but what would be a high quality paint thickness gage that would be accurate down to 3 mil? That's all I can think of for now. If there are any other suggestions for a mobile set up I'd greatly appreciate any help!
  11. Thanks Chris! There are a lot of great products available and your suggestions really help me narrow the list down.
  12. I'm relatively new to the Optimum product line. I've used ONR for quite some time and it's my go to wash method. I recently purchased GPS, and Hyper Polish along with some MF pads. I just purchased a new GG DA polisher and want to know what the most aggressive combination of Optimum product and pads would be for more serious paint correction. I'd just like to know how far I can go with my Griot's DA without having to use a rotary. I've read about the Edge line of pads and I like the way they are designed to be centered when installing. It seems this would help reduce vibration which I'm all for, especially since I'm no longer in my younger years. I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm relatively new to the Optimum line of products and I'm really liking what I see so far. If I'm using a GG DA polisher what would be the most aggressive combination of Optimum product with pads to use for more serious scratches? I already have some of the Optimum MF pads. I know there are a variety of excellent pads out there. I just want to know how far I can go with paint correction with my Griot's DA without having to consider using a rotary. I really like the concept of the Edge system of foam pads because of the perfect centering and ease of putting on and taking off. I'm open to all suggestions.