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    How to grooma car with body stickers?

    Awesome!! thanks guys for the fast response. not sure how to attach a pic of my car on the thread, so i attach it as my profile pic. =)
  2. I understand that Optimum products is one of the safest products for even cars with soft paint. how about cars with big vinyl stickers design? will OCW or OQD or Opti Seal make the stickers fade or worse still make it peel off over time?
  3. hhmmm.....never tried it with claybar before. i applied it with a wax applicator before buffing off with a microfibre cloth. that seems to work well for me as i get to spread the OCW evenly over the panels (applicator wont absord OCW). usually im using microfibre cloth to apply and buff it at the same time. thus way tends to have uneven application (just my 2 cents) im comfortable with the applicator and buffing off with microfibre. will try the OCW with claybar next and see how it goes. thanks for sharing.