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    This may be dumb but aren't all coatings essentially "oleophobic"? They are made to repel most anything that could bond to them. Maybe I'm just over simplifying it.
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    OC 3

    I am well aware that it is an un-popular opinion when in a place like this. I am also well aware that Dr G can run his business in any way he sees fit. At times I wonder if the Pro Only model really makes sense or if it is just what everyone is doing. In my use very early on with the original Opti-Guard I believe we signed a waver acknowledging we understood what we were getting and the work required. It then makes me wonder if that would not be an option for Optimum to use to get more sales while also giving people that are willing to go direct and put in a little leg work access. I find that people that are willing to do the extra work are usually the "right kind of people" you want associated with your products. Questions I have wondered with Pro Only Coatings: So if there is an issue who pays for the replacement materials? How is the time to fix it handled? How do you determine installer error vs faulty product? If someone doesn't come in yearly for an inspection detail do they loose the warranty? I assume automatic brush washes are out but what about touchless washes? If touchless also void the warranty how do you determine they were used? Side note: When you consider repairing a vehicle or even Painting a car most all of the products and tools are available to anyone that is willing to pay the money to acquire them. Most of the time you don't need to be part of a special group to get them you just need to have common sense and do the work. In my opinion painting or even repairing a car is harder then polishing paint and applying a coating. I do understand wanting to have and maintain professional level. It just seems to be an extremely hard thing to do. I have detailers around me that are part of other companies "Pro Only" model and after seeing the work they put out I am not sure if / how they are able to be part of the program.
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    OC 3

    I would say a highly focused enthusiast; that in the past did this on the weekends for money and at times had access to these and other "Pro Coatings". I gave up the weekend money portion so that I could have personal time and get back to simply enjoying the detailing. While I would never consider myself a full on Pro since it was never my main source of income; I am very confident in my skills and abilities. With my background and skill I have no issue using most any Pro grade products. I also know the reality and expectations I can and should expect.
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    OC 3

    From the perspective of a weekend enthusiast it is a real shame that so much work and effort is going into the "Pro-Only" coatings when I have to guess that the reality is the enthusiast market could very well be a larger market. The original Opti-Guard was perfectly easy to use and something that even an enthusiast could use. When compared to the current Gloss-Coat I find Gloss-Coat to be seriously lacking. While its easy to use there are so many other options that are just as easy but have much better durability and looks. Knowing Dr G has the ability to improve the pro coatings shows me that the possible improvements in Gloss-Coat are tremendous. I obviously also disagree with the "Pro-Only" when these not something special that needs to be done. Its really just selling a warranty that isn't needed if the coating live up to the claims.
  5. I do remember that and the confusion/frustration it caused. I thought the naming convention was a large part of the problem and the did eventually fix that. I was a part timer and fought hard to get the proper pricing for the coating and in doing so I only did a handful of applications because I wasn’t willing to undercut the price and value. Over the time I have come to think that “Pro Only” is a bad model. Look at mechanics, painters, IT (computers), designers, and many other professionals. I can go buy the same tools, parts, hardware they do and use them all if I am willing to pay the money and put in the time and effort to learn how to use them properly. I have seen good and bad paint jobs from “professionals”. And I have seen so really good or bad details from professional detailers as well. I now look at it and think that a company like Opti could sell the Pro Only products directly to consumers if they wanted to and then could control the process a little more to help make them feel comfortable. They would have a full list of people and applications if they wanted to offer the warranty. But if it were me I would only offer the warranty through the pro with the insurance backing and just the coating to the ProSumers that put I the effort to get it. I don’t think many would go out of their way to order directly from Opti when then can just do bulk orders from the wholesale warehouse sites.
  6. That is slightly disappointing to hear but not a surprise. I was able to use the early version of Opti Coat before it was Pro. I think it might have been Opti Guard at the time. It really was one of the best coatings out and available. The real deal though is that it wasn’t hard to apply and it really worked. Part of me as a weekend enthusiast believes that while the “pro only” model sounds great the truth is that it is the polishing and prep that really matter in the final look. The perfect example was I was at a dealership yesterday and they now have a another well know brand and are offering it with a 5 year Ultra warranty. The issue is that the car they had it on as a show car was less than perfect. As a hobbyist I am always disappointed in these types of situations when I feel like I would and could do better and would rather do the work myself. The other thing I see is very little talk about the “pro only” offerings online. So you are counting on the shop to do all the selling. I would think getting it into the hands of enthusiasts and getting discussions going on would drive sales more. in the end I guess I really wish there was a way to get these products and use them for my own personal use. Ou would easily be able to tell since it would be 1 or 2 sales a year on the coating. Food for thought I guess, hoping that there would be a way to make things happen where everyone wins.
  7. With all the changes in company Reps and mentioned or rumored changes coming to the dealer network / product lines which this original post was referencing. I keep hoping that it means moving back towards the Opti roots of making everything available to the true enthusiast customers that pushed them along in the early stages of the coating wars. Is there any chance or talks in making the coatings and other products that have been "Pro Only" available to the masses?
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    Is this what is now being called ClarityCoat ppf?
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    SEMA 2019

    Graphene everything....
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    Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    I am not sure if it can be layered. But I can tell you that I usually do 2 applications about 1-2 hrs apart and it does seem to help the durability.
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    I have used OCW in temps as low as the 40s and 50s. It does usually take a little more effort to get it perfect without streaks. I also try and give it extra cure time if possible.
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    SEMA 2014 Predictions

    I don't supose someone from Optimum will be around here to announce the newest releases and revisions???
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    Future Of The Forum?

    I would say its basicly parked... Especially when letting such rubbish litter the site. And no info on the new product releases.
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    Greetings from Warren,OH

    Welcome from Dover, OH
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    Well, hello there...

    Thanks guys.