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  1. I got a tube of Opti-coat 2.0 3 1/2 years ago and used it on my wifes new car. We have replaced that car with a new one. I still have the tube of Opti-coat 2.0 left. There is about 20 ML in the tube. Is is still good to use on a new vehicle?
  2. Chris, The water beads up and just flows off the car. -Bob
  3. Chris, I'll check the beading over the holiday weekend. what exactly should I be looking for? I think you may be correct about it not bonding. New spots show up after removing new bee droppings. I suspect that would not happen if it bonded correctly. If it did not bond correctly I assume I should repolish and then do multiple passes with an IPA mix to make sure all polishing oils are gone, then reapply the Opti Coat. -Bob
  4. Chris, the brown spot in the one picture is the wax like substance that is causing the original discoloration. I believe it is bee droppings. None of these spots were visible after polish, IPA wipe, application of Opti Coat, 24 hours after opti coat. At 48 hours they were visible. -Bob
  5. Chris, I'll try to upload the pictures. -Bob
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  7. Chad (Rasky) suggested I reach out to you with a problem I have after application of Opti Coat 2.0. I have a 2013 BMW X3. When I get bee droppings on it a discoloration shows up on the paint. It looks dull. This is prior to application of Opti Coat. I talked with Chad and he suggested that Opti Coat might help solve this problem. I looked at the vehicle prior to starting the paint correction. At the time there we a few dull spots from bee droppings (previous spots were no longer appearing). There were a couple of minor scratches and some minor water spotting from when the dealer had the car. I washed and clayed the car. Then polished with Meguiars microfiber system using their correction compound. Hood looked perfect. Did IPA wipe down. Looked perfect. Checked with brinkman light, perfect. Took car outside in sun, perfect. Applied Opti Coat, still perfect. Let sit in garage for 24 hours, still perfect. 48 hours later there are 30-40 small dull spots where the bee dropping had been. Water spots and scratches are still gone. Any ideas on what went wrong or how I can correct? Btw, the vehicle looks great with the Opti-Coat! Bob