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    Detail experts

    Hi: I’m live in Tampa FL 33618 and I’m looking for a detailer that can remove Opti coat 11 from my car. I applied the coating about 4 years ago and is now showing signs of stress. i like it polished off and prepped to reapply. thank You
  2. I applied Opti-coat five years ago and would like to remove and reapply Opti-coat. what is the best way to remove this coating off the clear coat? Thanks
  3. Would Dawn dish shop help with the silicone-ey stuff left over from the clay and QD?
  4. Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit. Wash with Opti car wash. If there is something better for the final wash?
  5. I'm going to clay then reapply. What should I use to wash the car after I clay? Opti car wash work?
  6. All products pads, towels, are new.
  7. Meguiars 101 foam cut.... I know it was a cutting pad. I use the opti car wash and wiped down with a micro fiber towl with alcohol. The only thing I can think of is the car has a coating from the dealer, like Simoniz system 5. I would think that this would be removed when polishing. I'm holding off claying and reapplying OC2 until I'm shore the OC2 did not bond to the clear coat. I don't know how to test for this. Any idea?
  8. Did step by step direction to prep the car for OC2 polish, wash, and alcohol. Not more then month. Wash it ever two weeks. Outside. I did two cars at the same time. Car one, black is beading like crazy, lots of water on the car after wash. Car two, also black, the water dose not bead, kind of just sits there.
  9. I prepped the the car for opti coat ,2 then applied OC2, after awhile the water stopped beading. How can I tell if the car has some other kind of coating from the dealer? How can I tell if the OC2 is on the car?
  10. 11audi

    Water spots on OC2

    Thank you ! What is ONR? I was going to order Optimum Car Wash.
  11. 11audi

    Water spots on OC2

  12. 11audi

    Water spots on OC2

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    Photos of water spots
  14. 11audi

    Water spots on OC2

    How do I get the photos to you.