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  1. I have a 1987 Mercedes in Red that a customer would like shined up over the Xmas holiday season. It is red and from what I have seen is the paint has the normal oxidation one would expect for a car of this year. There is a lot of chrome, nooks and crannies, black plastic trim and rubber pieces (many of which have wax streaking and buildup). I do not want to tape this car off as it is not in the budget. Was wanting to do a one step and was going to do the following: ONR wash and clay let it dry on paint and then polish out. Was wanting to use the intensive polish, then remove spend polish with Optimum Car Wax. My biggest concern was the rubber and plastic not becoming contaminated with intensive polish residue. Am I safe to assume that intensive polish cleans these pieces just like the hyper twins?
  2. So can the Opti Coat line (Opti Coat No Rinse) be used in the same way as ONR wash and shine. Meaning can it be used on a slightly damp microfiber to clean the interior and also do interior windows? or since its supercharged will it potentially streak or leave unwanted product behind??
  3. New to the forum. Not new to the Opti line of products. Have been using ONR and Wax for a couple of years now. What really made me come here was this idea of Synergy, less is more, and please “do not try to outthink the scientists”. I was tired of trying the latest and greatest products only to have too many 1/2 empty bottles laying around. Been listening to the Optimum Synergy podcast as well and enjoy what I have been learing there. Very excited to spend some time daily reading older posts and learn how to use these products correctly and provide me a car that shines and does not require hours of work to keep it that way. Cheers from a beautiful 72* January day!!