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    I was not going to fix it, I suggested to my client that he take the car back to the dealership and have them fix it. I just thought it was odd that the streaks were coming out just by washing it. With the opti-coat, streaking is a different story since what they offer is more of a permenant coating. Thanks for your advice
  2. JCVB


    I understand if either of the opt permenant coatings are applied to thick and dries, you get streaking. To remove the streaking you have to polish them out. The back story is a client of mine bought a black vehicle and the dealership talked them into having a permenant coating applied to the car (pretty sure its not an optimum product). The husband was asking me why the car was streaked. I told him to take it back and have the dealership fix it. Ive washed the car 2 times and noticed that the streaking was just about gone so he did not take it back. What would it mean if brand X permenant coating is applied and streaking happens and the streaking goes away after 2-3 car washes? I know this question is not about optimum coatings but figured you guys might be able to answer the question. JC
  3. JCVB

    Opti-coat 2.0 on gel coat

    thank you Chris for answering all my questions
  4. My dad has a kit car and the builder painted the vehicle with gel coat, can I use the Opti-coat 2.0 on it and will achieve the same durability as on a base coat clear coat paint? My concern is if you dont use the right products on gel coat, the gel coat will yellow over time. The car is white, so yellowing would be more noticeable. Thanks for the info JC
  5. JCVB

    Opti-Guard vs Opti-Coat 2.0

    I think I may have found my problem. I only used about 5 cc's of material to cover the entire car (1995 toyota camry). Does that sound like I am on the right track to finding out what I may have done wrong? I am pretty confident that I prepped the car properly. I applied more to the trunk and the water seems to bead more now than when I originally applied the product 7 months ago.
  6. The opti-coat 2.0 comes with 20 cc's of material. I used about 12-13 cc's on a small to mid size suv. Does that sound about right? Also, is there a better applicator to use other than the supplied sponge? I noticed that I may have put a couple of surface scratches (what I call friction scratches) on the car while applying the product. It seems the sponge is not quite soft enough coupled with the fact that there is not a lot of material on the sponge so you can get scratches caused from the friction of the sponge not being lubricated enough. Good thing the vehicle is a white pearl and happens to be my car. So it will be harder to see the scratches. I noticed while watching the opti-coat pro application video they were not using a sponge. Or it seemed that they may have had a blue microfiber towel wrapped around the sponge? Thanks for any help. I am trying to learn more about the proper application techniques.
  7. JCVB

    Opti-Guard vs Opti-Coat 2.0

    I washed the vehicle, clayed the surface, polished the surface, and wiped the surface down with alcohol.
  8. Can the hyper compound be used with good results using a DA?
  9. I have a client who bought a used car (yellow) that he says the previous owner had opti-guard applied to it. Its pretty amazing how the dirt virtually washes away with just water and beads up like it has been freshly waxed ( I do use soap to clean it). I read about the opti-coat 2.0, where it is similiar to the opti-guard only more user friendly, so I bought some to try. I prepped the car and then I applied the opti-coat 2.0 to a silverish car. I noticed that water seems to sheet off vs the beading of the car with the opti-guard. I also noticed that cleaning the car with the opti-coat 2.0 is not the same as the car with the opti-guard. The car with the opti-coat 2.0 cleans nicely, just not as easy as the car with the opti-guard. When I applied the opti-coat 2.0, did I do it wrong, or are the above mentioned diferences.....the differences between how the 2 products perform? JC
  10. If the material happens to be too thick and drys, how easy is it t polish the streak out? How aggressive does the polish and pad need to be? Thanks JC
  11. I bought my daughter a silverish camry and decided to apply this product to the car so I dont have to keep waxing it...lol. Since the color is sliver it was hard to really see the product flash. I also did not see any spots where I might have applied it to thick. I just made sure or tried to make sure I really got each panel covered. The application went on pretty good, or at least I thought it did. It ended up raining later that evening (maybe 9-10 hours after I applied the product). I noticed the next morning that all the water that hit the car had beaded up (hood, roof, trunk) and no water was present on the sides of the car. I thought.....wow...now thats what I'm looking for. A client of mine bought a used exotic car that has the opti-guard applied to it and the water beading up on my daughters camry looked like the car with the opti-guard. Now fast forward a week later I decided to rinse the car with just water to to see how it looks. I noticed that in some areas the water beaded up and some areas it did not (more like sheating). Does that mean that I did not get the vehicle covered like I initially thought? What happens if I go back over the car again with the opti-coat 2.0? JC
  12. Just stopping by to say hi. JC