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  1. Could anyone help me with above questions please?
  2. I was able to apply the opti-coat in heated garage @~60 degrees. Unfortunately I was only able to leave it in that temperature for ~ 16 hours before taking it out to <30 degree winter weather here in MN. Also during drive home I had some melted snow and road salt splashed on to the car panels. Would this cause any issues with opti-coat bonding/curing? It's been now 3 full days since I've had it but outside is still <30 degrees but is stored in the un-heated garage in the evenings @ ~ 40 degrees. Do you see any issues with Opti-Coat being able to fully bond to the paint? How long will this take under these conditions? When is it safe to take the car through a touch-less car wash to wash off some of the road salt? I read it's ok to put water on the car few hours after applying opti-coat but I wasn't sure if any of chemicals used in the touch-less car wash will cause harm. How long should I wait before I have my PPF put on over the opti-coat? I would like to get this done sooner than later since each day I don't have this I risk paint chips. Thank you.
  3. Do you mean just wipe down with plain water and micro fiber towel? Someone mentioned Hyper Polish may be too aggressive for soft Lexus black paint on a brand new car but isn't that determined by the pad you use with hyper polish? Would hyper polish and Lake Country Hydro-Tech Tangerine or Crimson pad be ok to polish brand new Lexus black paint before Opti-Coat 2.0?
  4. dansshin

    Opti Lens info?

    Thank you for the confirmation on the Opti Lens. I wasn't aware Opti Lens is modified version of Opti Coat. So is it ok if it accidentally get on some of the painted surfaces or do I need to take extra precaution to keep it off the painted surfaces? I can see it may get on other parts as you apply these on thin trims.
  5. dansshin

    Opti Lens info?

    I think $29 for half the amount would have been more attractive for typical consumer like me. I plan to use it on my new car and will apply it to headlights, daytime running lights which are separated from my headlights, fog lights, tail lights and side mirror lights. I'm also doing opti coat 2.0 and my question is could I do opti coat over the opti lens or opti lens over opti coat? I assumed opti coat over opti lens would be better option to have both benefits. Thank you.
  6. dansshin

    Right pads for Hyper Polish?

    Some comments I've read on the Lexus forum about the obsidian (black) color is that it's very soft paint. I don't know what that really means though or why obsidian would be softer than say silver or white.
  7. dansshin

    Right pads for Hyper Polish?

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry for not providing additional information. I've asked the dealer not to buff the car and they have agreed to only do touch-less wash and air dry. It should not be washed or touched at the port and I'm expecting the protective film to be on all the way until it gets to the dealer. Main reason why I'm wanting to polish it with Hyper Polish is because I want to do Opti-Coat 2 application. After which I will be putting Suntek self healing paint protection film on full bumper, full hood, full fender, headlights, foglights, DLR lights, a-pillar, roof line, mirrors, door cups & rear bumper ledge. One challenge I'm faced with is having to apply all these in ~ 30 - 40 degree temperature in my attached but unheated garage. I'll be using space heater and hair blower to try to warm up the panels to > 50 degrees as I go. Based on input from Chris Thomas this is workable, although more work is required. Thank you.
  8. I was recommended to get Lake Country Flat 5.5" pads but I'm wondering if this is the correct pad to use with Hyper Polish? Lake Country also has another product to use with water based products called Hydro-Tech. Is Hyper Polish water based? Also which Lake Country polishing pad (White, Black or Blue) with Hyper Polish should I use for brand new Black Lexus IS350 that is just arriving from Japan? Thank you.
  9. Thank you Chris. I'll go with Hyper Polish based on your preference. My plan is to do another ONR wash with warm water after the polish to prep for Opti-Coat 2.0.
  10. Thank you Chris. I think I can get my garage to be ~ 40 degrees and get the car surface bit warmer by placing space heater near by the area that I work. While this may be harder it's nice to know that this could be an option since I really would like to get my car protected before doing the PPF. PPF will be installed by installer that has indoor facility so temperature should be closer to ~ 65 - 70 degrees. But if I can't get the car polished and Opti-Coat 2.0 on than I'll probably postpone the PPF install. Which of the two polish product is better for my situation? I planned to have the car washed at touchless car wash (maybe couple times) and then come home and use your no rinse wash to handwash. I would like to clay the car too if needed assuming this is ok to do in cold temperatures and then polish. Someone indicated I didn't need to wipe down with alcohol if I used Optimum polish.
  11. I just purchase Opti-Coat 2.0 for my brand new car and I want to apply this after I've clay and polish it. Question I have are: Would there be any issues polishing the paint with electric buffer in the cold weather? Could you apply Opti-Coat 2.0 in temperatures that are below freezing (0 - 30 degrees)? I have attached garage but it isn't heated. I could put the little space heater near the car as I apply if that will help. How long will it take to set if I leave the car in the garage in this cold weather? Are you able to put paint protection film over the Opti-Coat 2.0? How long should I wait during winter when the temperatures are always below freezing sometimes going into the negative range? Also I read Chris recommend using the Optimum polish but I've already purchased 3M Perfect-It Ultra Fine polish. Would there be any problems using this instead? Thank you in advance!