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  1. pootoo12000

    Car cleaner wax

    With summer upon us, it's hard to wash and dry before water spots begin to appear. I like to use OCW as a drying aid. It occurred to me that a little cleaning power to go along with OCW would be a welcome addition. I mixed 1teaspoon of Opticlean concentrate with 3ounces of OCW and, wow, it got rid of any spotting I came across and even removed a grease spot I missed during the wash. Optimum Car Cleaner Wax, anyone?
  2. pootoo12000

    ONR + OS?

    Just saw a YouTube video where a guy uses ONR, then sprays OS on the still-wet panel and dries it off. My understanding was that OS does not play well with water or still-wet ONR'd panels. WTF?
  3. pootoo12000

    OC & OS?

    Hello! This may be a dumb question but can opti seal be "boosted" by a few drops of opti coat 2.0? I know some have mixed various optimum products in the past with good success. Would this work?
  4. pootoo12000

    Polish Opti Coat v. 2.0?

    Dr. G, or Chris, is it possible to polish OC after, say, a year or so, in order to "refresh" its qualities? It has been said that PS or OS will make it slicker. What about Opt Finish Polish, ie. since OC is a clear coat why couldn't it be smoothed out or shined up by a light polishing just like factory clear? I haven't really seen this question dealt with anywhere. Thanks!
  5. pootoo12000

    OCW + OID

    Has anyone ever added a small amount of concentrated OID to OCW? I still have the old version of OCW and am looking to add slickness. Alternatively, how long should I wait after application of OCW to apply OID? OCW seems to take a good while to cure and I am worried that an immediate follow-up with OID will remove some or all of the OCW. Your thoughts, please. Thanks!
  6. pootoo12000

    Opti-Seal Q&A

    I have yet another method. Use a microfiber applicator. It really helps if you pick up one of those "Carrand" applicator handles sold at WalMart, O'Reillys, AZ, etc. Costs about $3-4 and comes with 3 assorted applicators. Very ergonomic! Anyway, spray OS on the pad one time. Begin on the panel with wide circles, to spread the product. Then rub it in, using little to no pressure. Use tight circles, then switch to back and forth, then front to back. The product will virtually disappear. Then move on to the next panel and repeat the process. I have found that this method really spreads the product. The app may seem dry, but it isn't! This stuff spreads much farther than you think! And, you have left a thin, thin coat. Doing it this way, I can do an entire mid-size with about 12 sprays in about 12 minutes. No streaks, nothin' but shine! Interestingly, this method works with other products, too. You can use a cotton app with these others, but I have only used MF with OS and CS. Other stuff that works well this way: OCW, AW, Z8, UQD, FK425, FX100...that's all I can think of at the moment. Never realized there were so many WOWA products!
  7. pootoo12000

    Different application technique

    I agree with OCW being a WOWA. Tried the concept with AW a few weeks ago. Used a cotton app with one of those little stick-on handle things from WalMart. This is exactly how I apply OS. Anyway, just rub lightly 'till its gone, and it looks great. Just this morning, tried it the same way with OCW. Same thing! Disappears into the paint and no final buff. Looks outstanding and takes about 10-12 minutes!
  8. pootoo12000

    Dr. G, possible clay replacement?

    Guys, I must apologize...I'd give you the name of the retailer, but it doesn't matter any more. When I bought these, they were so cheap I wondered if someone hadn't made a mistake. I jumped on it and bought several. When I read Bence's post I checked the site...sure enough, they had increased the price by a FACTOR of 10!!! For once, I was in the right place at the right time. In any event, these sponges are quite good, and are truly a superior clay replacement based on my limited use. Are they worth twenty bucks each? You decide. Is clay really worth what we pay for it? I doubt it. Again, I'm sorry if I got your hopes up.
  9. pootoo12000

    Dr. G, possible clay replacement?

    I'm resurrecting this old thread, as it never concluded. Based on a glowing review on another board, I bought one. It is a stiff black sponge, covered on one side with a 1/16" coating of a tacky, rubbery substance. No abrasive that I could detect. I used it with the ONR clay-lube mix. The sponge glides along and you really notice when you hit contaminants. It works very well. The caveat is that it must be rinsed and wiped frequently. That is no different than kneading clay, working into a ball, then flattening for a fresh surface. It did not mar any more than clay does if not used properly. The downside is that it will not go into tight places, you would still need clay for that. The upside is speed. Works much faster and IMO yields a smoother surface with less effort. If you clay a lot, you should definitely give one of these a shot. Caution: While these are sold by many retail sites, the price varies WILDLY! A little research prior to purchase is definitely worthwhile. Regarding Dr. G's comment about the patent holders for the clay, there is no way any court could construe this sponge as being "clay." If this catches on, patent infringement suits by a certain company may no longer be profitable.
  10. pootoo12000

    Different application technique

    No, paint is b/c. I dunno, maybe Bence is right and I just didn't shake it...been using the stuff for years, though, so I know how its done. Anthony? Dr. G? As far as OS, it truly is a quantum leap in finish care product. It yields a great finish regardless of application method, but when you consider that you just spray, spread and work in lightly, its a mind blower! All I'll say is BUY IT! The whole point of my post is that I want to maintain the OS with weekly, or bi-weekly applications of OCW. When applied by DA, as per the OP, the finish of OCW rivals that of OS, so it will be quite easy to maintain a stellar finish with very little effort. Then, every 4-6 months start over with a polish or PS, OS, OCW. That haze was the fly in the ointment!
  11. pootoo12000

    Different application technique

    Not streaks...haze. Only hazed on me once when applying by hand, when I tried to apply about 5 coats one after another. Obviously, I never did it that way again. When applied by DA, the initial appearance was perfect but it was almost as if something was leeching out of the coating as it cured and the next day the finish was quite cloudy. When that was removed, the finish looked good again, but the cloudiness was back again the next day. In any event, application by DA really does take the look of OCW to the next level and I would love to be able to apply this way without experiencing the problem. By the way, check the old posts on Autopia, that's where I got the phrase,"Dreaded OCW haze." I didn't make it up. Any thoughts? Check out the red RX-3 in the Concours Garage section. That is the type of look I got with a one-coat DA application or at least quite close. No way I could get that look by hand! Anyway, thanks for your attention.
  12. pootoo12000

    OCW on Red RX3

    Please share your technique. How many coats? you've gotta try OS, its incredible and, if anything, easier than OCW.
  13. pootoo12000

    Different application technique

    I, too, have tried this application method and it is spectacular! However, the next day, the finish had a discernable streaky haze. I have heard it referred to as "the dreaded OCW haze!" The haze removed easily, but was back again the next day. I can only guess that I used too much OCW but it sure didn't seem at the time that I used any more than normal. Anyone have any tips for correcting the problem? The initial look of the OCW when applied this way is definitely worth it, there must be some way to get rid of the haze...