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    Bee poop protection

    I wanted to ask you a question about the Opti Coat Pro. I had an installer (who are opt-coat certified) coated my Tesla ModelS with Opti Coat Pro about 2 months ago. Tonight after my commute home from work I had two yellow dots on my ModelS (which google searches say are literally Bee crap, not sure how accurate that information is but the pictures did match the size and color) and I immediately ONR cleaned the two spots and where the two spot where the finish is now cloudy and matte in finish and the OptiCoat High gloss is gone. I know Opti Coat Pro won't protect from everything but I'm hopping this didn't damage the Opti-Coat Pro finish? Is this something that can be clay barred off? If not is there any solution? I have two photos of the cloudy matte dots as they now appear on the ModelS and any advise or information would be awesome. I also left word with the installers. Thanks,
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    Bee Crap

    Bee Crap on Opti Coat Pro Cat