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    OCW vs Trade Secret!!!!

    Thanks Ron. I will keep that in mind the next time I order. I find myself every now and then wanting to try new stuff so Opti-Seal is first on the list now. D
  2. Dicecedes

    OCW vs Trade Secret!!!!

    I ordered OCW yesterday. Very excited about trying it. Since I was ordering, I also ordered Menzerna FMJ too. I guess I was in the mood to try new stuff. Originally, I was going to Smooth Cut, FMJ and Trade Secret. So I kept with the original plan to buy FMJ and added the OCW. Currently, I also have Pinnacle Souveran, Zymol Carbon, Zymol Creme and Klasse AIO on hand. First, I am going to Smooth Cut and OCW unless you can suggest a better combination with the products I have. Thanks Anthony and your work is very inspiring, Daryl
  3. Dicecedes

    OCW vs Trade Secret!!!!

    I am currently using the Hi Temp Smooth Cut and Trade Secret. After reading this, I am ready to make the switch and give OCW a try. I need help since I am not a pro. I use a Cyclo with Green and white pads. What will I need to make the switch? Thanks in advance, D
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    I registered today so I could be 200! I found my way here thru topoftheline where I have seen Anthony's work for the past 3 years or so. I have owned a Cyclo for a few years and use it on my black 05 mercedes so just a weekend hobby. Great forum with tons of information and crazy acronyms that luckily I found the abbreviations for! Thanks to all for sharing your secrets. Daryl