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  1. toddj


    Invest in Rags to Riches if you can get it. it's much more efficient than PowerClean, and designed specifically for MF towels. the 1st time you use it on your towels, like The Rag Company suggests, 2-3oz in a 5gallon bucket, warm water. Let the towels soak for 2 days. you'll be amazed what it strips out of your towels. It revives your towels to better than new shape!
  2. toddj

    Mdr in ik sprayer

    Sorry for the 2nd reply. I found this on a reply to a question on the Facebook group "optimum car care" Mix 6-8oz of MDR to a gallon of water. Wash car with ONR 1st. Apply MDR solution to car. Agitate with an ONR soaked Towel. Rinse and then Dry with a Optimum Drying Aide (Opti-seal, car wax, etc...)
  3. toddj

    Mdr in ik sprayer

    I do recall on a podcast or other YouTube video that a mixture of ONR and MDR could be made as a pre-treatment and scale remover. (taking a 1gallon jug of Distilled water) I believe it was....Add 1/2 oz of ONR, mix in the Gallon. Then pour out a few oz of the mixture, and add in 2 or 4oz of MDR. Shake and then spray on the car. I also think you have to rinse it off before you do a standard ONR wash. I tried to google it, but I can't find it anywhere. Perhaps someone else recalls the exact mixtures and process.
  4. toddj

    Tweaked ONR

    Great news !!!
  5. My goal wasn't to remove what was left. In a FB discussion with Adam Huber he said I could clean them with Poweclean and re-apply over what was remaining.
  6. Here is a followup. Optimum Tire Protection & Coating (take 2) I think I messed up the prep for Take 1, so trying the again. And I really liked how it looked the 1st time. Prep - Lots of PowerClean Full Strength. Probably 4oz per tire. Scrub, rinsed, scrub , rinsed. Maybe a hint of Tire Coating left after it was scrubbed 2 light coats coats applied with MF towel Pictures are of the same tire for the whole process. Each picture taken 30 mins later Clean - waited 30 mins to fully dry Coat 1 - waited 30 mins, took picture Coat 2 - waited 30 mins, took picture Outside - Next morning http://
  7. toddj


    Quick question, like CCR, does this have a 30day shelf life after it's open?
  8. toddj

    Yvan get's some well deserved respect!

    So I watched this video the other day, and I thought OPC had to be rinsed, always. In all his demos, he never rinsed. Please advise.
  9. Quick question for whomever may know. My other car I did 1 coat all around, and now I think I want to go to 2coats. Can I just clean with PowerClean and redcoat or will it not adhere to the 1st coat?
  10. i’ve never used Tire Coatings. Optimum is one of my favorite brands, so when they announced a coating for Tires I wanted to try it. Too cold to do this outside today so I did it in my garage after a quick ONR wash. My wife’s 2015 Tahoe has about 40k miles on the original tires, we will replace them shortly. I wanted to try both 1 coat and 2 coat application Front Tires = 1 coat (satin) Rear Tires = 2 coats (glazed donut) Prep : Scrubbed with PowerClean 100%, non diluted.. Rinsed with pump sprayer. Scrubbed with Optimum Power Clean rinsed, repeat Power Clean. Dry very well. Consistency : It’s the same consistency as ONR, very liquidy, not like Opti bond. Goes on and turns a blue/purple color. After about 5 minutes it turns clear. For the back tires I waited 30 mins and applied a 2nd coat. Picture included below is the results I’ll follow up with my thoughts in the comments over time.
  11. toddj


    Any minimum temperature requirements for the application?
  12. toddj


    Just need a link to so can buy it !!
  13. toddj

    SEMA 2018

    When will Tire Coat be available?
  14. toddj


    Bed Liner here: Bedliner Sema
  15. toddj


    Gold Sponge is covered in this video Sema Day 2