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  1. A&J

    New Member with Questions

    Ive been using ONR for years now and Ive never felt the need to use anything stronger during the winter time. ONR was always enough...well sometimes I use opti-clean for a pre spray but thats about it. You could use a coin op pre wash to remove the majority of dirt if there is any near by and then drive home and do a onr wash.
  2. A&J


    It took me a long ass time to buy GPS after owning the entire Hyper collection + poli-seal. GPS was the last piece that was missing in my collection and once I saw that my car stuff supplier put a 40% discount on it I pulled the trigger and bought it for a measly 15 euros 😜 Anyways...yesterday I took my time, washed the car with ONR, clayed with a clay towel and used a iron remover as a lubricant and then went into action and polished my "not so new anymore used car". Its white so it hides swirls well and I havent gotten around to remove them yet until now. I used GPS on a mf cutting pad and on some areas a CG green hex logic pad. The polish was great...its nice to work with and by my estiment it removed around 65% of the swirls and cleaned up the paint really well. It left behind a really shinny and slick surface on its own. It actually made white paint reflect like glass which doesnt happen often. I did however later top it with Wowos crystal sealant just for the sake of it. here are some pics Great stuff from OPT once again 👍
  3. A&J

    New Member with Questions

    Ferrex wont affect Gloss coat...it may even restore some beading from the coating by removing imbeded ferrous particles from the coating. After decon either opti-seal or spray wax is good but like Ron said Opti coat hyper seal is a SiO2 spray sealant that will bond better then those 2 previosly mentioned protectants and will offer longer durability. But again all 3 will work fine as a protectant. If you see any drop in beading then just re-aplly opti seal or car wax after the next wash and your car will be protected again for another month or 2. And you are welcome 👍
  4. A&J

    New Member with Questions

    1) Should I use GPS after Hyper Polish to enhance the gloss before using Gloss Coat? No dont use GPS if you want to apply Gloss coat. GPS has some built in protection that will interfere with Gloss coat bonding to the paint. Hyper polish alone gives some mad gloss on its on. Also I would suggest you buy and use some OPT paint prep before you apply the coating. 2) Can you use their spray car wax occasionally to enhance gloss & UV protection over Gloss Coat? Yes ofcourse. OCW, opti-seal or hyper seal are all good ontop of Gloss coat. 3) What can you use to prolong the Gloss Coat's protection? Just Opti Seal or other products like the detail spray etc? If you get the newest version of opti-seal its got some SiO2 protection built in so thats good for topping up...the old version is fine as well. Opti coat hyper seal is also another option for a topper. 4) Is it OK to use their car wash when necessary or will it hurt the gloss coat? Yes its perfectly fine. OPT synergy remember! The car will get contaminated with iron particles over time so I also advise you use Ferrex & clay towel every 6 months. So basically wash, spray ferrex liberarly, use a clay towel to spread ferrex around the car, rinse the car after a few minutes and use some sort of protection product to dry and protect your paint.
  5. Is there a way to remove the seats from the vehicle so you dont have to spray the entire inside of the van?
  6. you might wanna change chemicals before you continue destroying vans across the Netherlands
  7. A&J

    2_04_22 ONR demo

    I dont know about you people but Ive washed my car with ONR for years and it still looked better then new cars Ive seen on the road...that was until someone rear ended me (even ONR could remove that dent)....after that i sold the car. Now Ive replaced it with a used Toyota and it already came with swirls from the previous owner and Ive yet to polish the car! Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks....same goes with ONR and what I call "the soap people"
  8. A&J

    Dilutions dilutions oh goodness

    I once did a test if I can use Opti clean as a rinseless wash and what I found out was that if I put 45ml (1,5 ounces) in a bucket with 7 liters (2 gallons) of water it was actually very good as a rinseless wash...now I reckon that if you put a bit more Opti clean...say 60 ml (2 ounces) in 2 gallons of water you could use it as a waterless as well...at my dillution it was strong enough to emulsify and add better lubrication under my sponge then what ONR could. I dont know...give it a go. 30ml or 45ml in 1 gallon is quite cheap isnt it?
  9. Do you mean M wash or Car wash or Power clean or wth???
  10. I have another theory in that Car wax doesnt add immidiate UVA and UVB protection but instead makes it so that the clear coat doesnt lose its UV protection which it does over time. Maybe the product is not advertised in the right way which apparantly caused confusion within the buyers and then dissapointment when their faded car after a Car wax (UV blocker wax) application doesnt make their paint shine like brand new again. As far as I remember dr. G said that paint has UV protection which has a half life of about 5 years...Car wax is designed to prolongues that UV protection and not add it like you would add sunscreen to skin right? Someone correct me if I am wrong!
  11. A&J

    2_04_22 ONR demo

    Nah...People are still gonna say that the car wasnt dirty enough and that those scratches at the end were a result of ONR washing.
  12. A&J

    Optimum Tire Shine Results

    yeah but your back brake pads are worn out more and thus it produces more brake dust that clings to the tyre...I am just guessing! I have no idea...
  13. A&J

    Optimum Tire Shine Results

    Yeah ok...that is kinda normal. It does depend on the weather circumstances a lot...for example I applied Carpro perl on over the weekend after a tyre and rims cleaning session and I gotta tell you that Perl only lasts 75km driven in one waterfall. Opti bond is the same...drive it in the rain and it disapears like its in a magician act 🤣
  14. A&J

    Optimum Tire Shine Results

    That looks super shinny...not my thing...I prefer more matt, original look hence why I use Opti bond and Carpro PERL mostly. How long does Tire shine last? I am thinking a week?!?
  15. A&J

    My pretty quick detail process

    For a full interior and exterior detail (including polishing) 2-2.5h is fairly fast. But like you said it doesnt have to be perfect.