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  1. Lol...this is a funny thread because I can relate with all of you guys. Ive sen lots of people bashing ONR without them even using once! Nowadays I just keep to myself and laugh at other people when they comment how good my car looks and I polished recently...but nope...All I did was just give it a ONR wash and opti seal treatment ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. A&J


    That sounds perfect KIS76. Use a panel prep after polish to remove them polishing oils and to ensure a clean surface... everything else is as planned!
  3. Lol Opti-seal wont go bad...I have one from 2014 and it still works the same as my 2019 version...maybe with slightly less performance but it still works. One thing that did go bad was poli-seal...I have 2 bottles of them...both bottles separated...Ive shaked both of them...one remixed but the other "older" bottle sadly diddnt and I can now throw it away. Coatings do go bad if moisture gets into the syringe. It gels up if that happens and you can throw it away!
  4. A&J

    Yvan Retiring?

    I remember dr.G once saying that ONR polymers left over dont mess with sealants or waxes bonding...infact he said its body shop friendly and that you could paint over them without issue!
  5. A&J

    Advantages using Opti-Bond?

    Opti bond I found is a tire and trim protectant...It will darken the trim temporarily...it will fade after a while though just like all other trim protectants!
  6. Some years ago I had a bird poop on my driver side door...I think I got it at work or after a trip or something (I dont really remember) but I did remove it straight after I got home! However a stain or a slight shadow of the bird poop was left behind and I had to polish the paint to remove it. So I agree with Setec...Bird poops can etch very quickly sometimes!
  7. A&J

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    Where in Europe can I get a gallon sized version of the new ONR? Everywhere I look the gallons size is out of stock! Someone please send me a link!
  8. In all seriousness Ron...what about groundwatter? Our house uses groundwatter from a well and its clean enough to drink...we never had any issues with it but my father is kinda sceptical of me dumping ONR and other car shampoos including Car wash into the ground! Does ONR and / or Car wash contain anything that may make our groundwater soiled? I was meaning to ask this for some time now! Can you ask DR. G about it? Thank you upfront!
  9. Probably coz it gets "watered" more then everything else ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. I know...that and number 2 are/ were awesome!
  11. This is how I wash my car or how I seperate my car...the panels that share color I do in one take wash-dry-seal and then I move to the next part. In essence I first start with the roof (half of the roof) then I move down on the windows, both doors and front quarter panel. Then I do the same thing on the other side of the car, and then I do the entire front part and lastly the entire back of the car including both back quarter panels. I overlap the panels just slightly once I wash so I dont miss anything.
  12. Yeah as Lowejackson mentioned adding more ONR doesnt make it clean more it just makes it streak more. Thats why you should keep the mixture in recomended doses. Opti clean is a way more conentrated encapsulating cleaner and adding one cap (15ml) to your pre spray ONR mix is gonna help encapsulate dirt better and add lubrication on the paint which you will defenetely notice while gliding the wash media over!
  13. Like Ron said...Everyone uses ONR differently and there really are no rules to this. You have to addapt to your enviroment and the ammount of dirt that your car accumulates over time. If the car is only dusty then it really doesnt NEED a snow foam wash (even though it doesnt hurt) and a ONR pre spray is enough, while on the flip side if a car is soiled with road film and mud then a snow foam wash or at least a pressure wash is always a good idea to get rid off the most ammount of dirt posible. I too sometimes use the PW on my local self-service car wash to wash off the crud that builds up over time (even though I have a PW at home but its a pain to assemble it every time and thus I get to use it like 3 times a year) and do a 2 bucket ONR wash after I get home or even sometimes after a day or two depending on if I feel like it and if I have the time to do it. I always do my wheels and tires seperately and almost never at the same time when I wash my car. What I am trying to say is...if you are comfortable with your routine then continue doing it but if you are looking on ways to cut some time off then assess if the car really needs a PW wash or a snow foam wash or not! Sometimes a ONR pre spray is all you are gonna need! Pro tip...for some extra ooomph you can also add some Opti clean into your ONR pre spray! It will encapsulate dirt better and it will add more lubrication for your wash media!
  14. A&J


    Coat one side of the car, leave the other side bare and go drag racing ๐Ÿ˜ Compare which side cleans easier after your engine explodes from all the revving ๐Ÿ˜‚
  15. You mean the water sheets more and after a day it beads instead?