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  1. I dont know this has ever been discused but what are the official curing times for OPT protection products (OCW, Opti-seal, Gloss coat, opti-bond, ...)?
  2. You mean the water sheets more and after a day it beads instead?
  3. A&J

    Opti seal chalked my plastic trim?

    I never had any issues with opti seal being applied to anywhere...could you post some pics so we can see what we are dealing with?
  4. I for one know that after applying opti seal paint is always slick to the touch...its like touching velvet.
  5. Yeah thats what I do! Opti seal is a better drying aid then OID. Whatever water is left in the car seals or whatever streaks Opti seal leaves behind OID will remove those and enhance gloss. I also think that would be the better option.
  6. A&J

    New Formula No Rinse

    Good to hear...ONR always did lack that extra lubricity that the competition needed. Cleaning power was always fine. I have used many Rinseless washes over the years and I can think of some that I would love to use again but ONR is still in my top 3 (The other two are Surf city rinse free wash and wax which is a great product all around and the other is Feynlab pure rinseless which has great lubrication and cleaning power and is great for winter washes). As for Bead maker its over rated...The gloss and temporary slickness it produces is great but that only lasts about a week or two at most. I see it more as a quick detailer or gloss enhancer rather then a sealant which its suppose to be. It is however as versatile as opti-seal and can be used on all outside surfaces as well as on hard inside car surfaces. Opti seal does a similar gloss enhancing job with little less slickness (still slick though) and with better water behaviour then Bead maker. I am looking forward on trying out the new ONR some day. I am sure I will know the difference instantly if I am using the old or the new formula.
  7. A&J

    New Formula No Rinse

    so who is the main distributor for EU? The Netherlands one? Or TRC? or who? I am confused now
  8. A&J

    New Formula No Rinse

    I dont know...probably not
  9. A&J

    New Formula No Rinse

    Can you tell us Ron when will the new formula be available in EU? Will it arrive here till spring?
  10. A&J

    New Formula No Rinse

    @Heijneker aha so TRC is the main distributor for Europe...ok...I still need to find someone closer to Slovenia to reduce shipping costs. I am mainly only intereted in gallon size ONR blue, OID Concentrate 1L and a spray bottle of Car wax...although I would like to give Hyper seal a try some day!
  11. A&J

    New Formula No Rinse

    Then why the heck is the price different?
  12. A&J

    New Formula No Rinse

    Hey...can you give me the contact of the distributor in the Netherlands...I want to see if I can get stuff cheaper (mainly shipping) from him then from the Rag company EU.
  13. From experience I can say: - ONR W&S - a few days or a rainstorm...it doesnt really protect much - ONR W&W - about a week or 2-3 rainstorms - OCW when used over Opti-Seal - 6 weeks or so
  14. A&J

    When Did The Spray Polishes Get So Expensive?

    that doesnt work either because (well at least Hyper polish) it is thin it will still leak through the cap...trust me Ive done that. I have replaced the sprayer with one of those Chemical guys pop up caps and if I shake it I just get hyper polish all over the place
  15. Jesus Christ man...do you intend to cook your car? I dont think heat is good for your seals and plastics though so keep the water cooler
  16. A&J

    Can OID replace ONR?

    I was kidding 😁
  17. A&J

    Can OID replace ONR?

    Soooo mannnnyyyy questions....jeeeezzzzuusss.... can I use OID to replace ONR - not really...OID is good for a quick wipe over when the car isnt dirty but just a little dusty say after a drive. But opti clean can work as a rinseless wash (use about 20-25ml in a gallon of water) What is in OID that gives the paint an extra gloss? - gloss enhancers obviously 😁 its fluoropolimers! Is there any benefit to adding wax to it or would I be better off using ONRWW w/ OID as a drying agent? - Just use one or the other...but it also wont hurt if you use one as a drying aid and then the other one to go over it. No harm in that. Can I add HyperSeal to OID for extra gloss? - Probably yes but i suggest you use them seperate...use Hyper seal as a drying aid and do your final touches with OID. Also, I should add that the car is opticoated, will adding wax reduce the gloss and should I just stick with hyperseal? - your car should be already shinning like a diamond...what freaking more do you want???
  18. This was probarbly answered somewhere but again...What is the difference between GPS and Poli-seal. Both are supose to be "cleaner waxes" but which is more agressive? Do they contain the same sealant? Has anyone tested the durability side by side? Which lasts longer without being toped with wax?
  19. One quick question... When polishing with Poli-seal do you have to wait a bit to let it haze (to let the sealant bond) or just wipe it off once you are done polishing?
  20. A terry cloth might have scratched it...Using microfiber towel would be a safer option.... Try using ONR again with a soft Microfiber towel...if its really scratched then Ron might give his blessing if its safe to use Hyper polish by hand on that gauge cluster cover or not.
  21. A&J

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    Guys....I am speechless now 🙊 Thank you I just like helping out and dont expect anything in return. These kind words are enough for me!
  22. A&J

    Optimum car soap with ONR

    You can always do a 1 bucket wash even with soap. All you have to do is use multiple wash mitts or microfiber towels to wash your car. Use once and dont throw it back into the bucket so you dont dirty up the water-soap solution. You need about 5-8 cheap mitts or about 4 plush mf towels.
  23. A&J

    Rinseless prep wash for Polish?

    Just skip the power clean and ferrex step if you cant use free flowing water and just ONR the vehicle and move to clay towel. Then use paint prep prior to polishing. A good 1step is Intensive polish on a light cutting pad. Obviously it depends on the type of paint or color and the ammount of bonded contaminants but you can skip a lot by just doing a ONR wash and clay before you go polish the paint!