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  1. Smithule

    Paint Decontamination

    Any update on this product. I may be in need very soon.
  2. Smithule

    Opti-Seal Demonstration

    Thanks, I've been waiting for this tutorial.
  3. Smithule

    Opti-Seal over Poli Seal?

    How good is Poli-Seal when applied by Hand??
  4. Smithule

    Optimum Opti-Seal takes on Ultima UPGP

    Great Review. I truly beleive it was drying faster on that side because of the wind.
  5. Smithule

    Hello Optimum World

    Thanks to Ron. Now if I can just keep it looking that way.
  6. Smithule

    Hello Optimum World

    The Pics......... My Goal is to be able to Detail like this!
  7. Smithule

    Hello Optimum World

    Hi Guys, Ron detailed my Lexus a few months ago and I just today decided to join. I don't have much time to detail my cars but I am very interested in it. I have the Red 96 Lexus SC400 that Ron detailed to as close to perfection as possible (will post pics later). I also just purchased a 03 Honda Accord that has some Hail Damage. I bought some Megs clay and did a quick detail of the Honda with DG 101 and it looks much better but still has lots of swirls and marring. Ron put a coat or two of opti-seal on the Lexus and it is still holding up very strong. Just wish I could have watched him do it, I need a good lesson or two in detailing that's for sure. I've been topping the opti-seal with DG Aquawax and it seems to be keeping it's luster pretty good. I don't have any optimum products yet but any day now I may put in an order. I am very interested in getting some OCW and comparing it with AW. I also really like the idea of ONR, I hate getting out the hose and getting water everywhere, I'd love to wash my car in the privacy of my own garage. I look forward to reading all your posts. -Dan
  8. Smithule

    New ONR and OPti-Seal videos coming soon

    I would really like to see an Opti-Seal Demo. I volunteer my car if needed.