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  1. Oldfordisbetter

    2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    Good info Guz. Looks like they want to the one stop shop! Buy a new truck and get Pro coating, clear bar, interior coated, and a bedliner all at one place from the same company. And I hear rumors about a tire coating? Wow! They just need something for rust proofing. IMO that would be the most important. All the above stuff is nice but useless if the truck rusts out from under you.
  2. Oldfordisbetter

    2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    More hydrophobic Opti Seal Opti Lens that actually holds up and works A water based tire dressing that lasts for a month minimum on a outside parked daily driver, or a tire coating A filling primer polish that you can coat over Hyper polish easier to wipe off ONR that does not stain wash media An AIO polish that actually provides 6 month protection on a outside parked daily driver Just a couple off the top of my head....
  3. Oldfordisbetter

    My formula for fantastic Quick Detailer

    Thanks for sharing
  4. Oldfordisbetter

    No Activity

    Come to this forum after a couple weeks to read this. Wish Chris and OPT the best.
  5. Oldfordisbetter

    Difference between GPS and poli-seal

    I dont notice a difference between the two. But I am not looking for it either
  6. Oldfordisbetter

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    Would like to hear interior detailing with OPT products
  7. Oldfordisbetter

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    Curious of Yvan's process for polishing trim...what product, pad, speed etc... pretty sure he is a member here, but he might not get on here much?
  8. Oldfordisbetter

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    I agree, I really enjoyed the polishing podcast. I will have to back my speed down and try the new hyper compound again. I was not blown away the other times I used it.
  9. Oldfordisbetter

    Pad Washer + ONR

    Yvan Lacroix from OPT recommends ONR in the pad washer that they sell. The recomended dilution ratio is 256:1 or 1oz. ONR to 2 gallons of water. I have never tried this because I dont have a pad washer and cant afford one.
  10. Oldfordisbetter

    UV protection and Opticoat Pro

    Is factory clearcoat porous? Does the car wax soak into the paint and restore UV inhibitors that way? Or does the wax just sit on top?
  11. Oldfordisbetter

    How Strong is Optimum Paint Prep?

    Paint prep is a mild solvent. You should be able to use it as many times as you want without harming you or your car. It will not thin or remove clear coat because it is non abrasive. Opti Seal and car wax are also non abrasive.
  12. Chris, did you ever spread the wax with an applicator then buff with a towel? Looks like I have been overusing the wax. Will have to remember to cut it back
  13. Oldfordisbetter

    UV protection and Opticoat Pro

    Exactly what I said in another thread... Check it out below http://optimumforums.org/index.php?showtopic=62698#entry90475
  14. Oldfordisbetter

    UV questions from Podcast

    In the earlier thread it was said that the OPT coatings have the best UV protection. The way I took it from the podcast, I understood that applying the Car Wax regularly would have the best UV protection... I guess my options are: 1. Listen to the podcast again 2. Call Dr. G and ask him for myself 3. Stop over thinking it and move on in life
  15. Oldfordisbetter

    Gloss coat after metal polish

    Would the prep solution remove the sealant and get it ready for coating?