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  1. Kiddetailer

    Is it ok to mix ONR and OCW?

    I was also curious, if I were to add Optimum car wax to ONR, what the proper dilution would be
  2. Kiddetailer


    Awesome, I came to the forums to check that what I saw in the store was accurate. It says "new formula"
  3. Is it usually recommended to rinse the Optimum Carpet Fabric cleaner? I'm reading both, that it should be rinsed or no it should not be.
  4. Kiddetailer

    Opti-Coat Pro3

    is this product out yet for installers?
  5. Kiddetailer

    ONRWW as contactless prewash.

    it will not work as intended, as I have also talked about this in this thread from another member.
  6. This has been on my mind alot. Does using an absorbent towel like Twisted loop or Waffle weave towel soak up too much of the Optimum car wax when using it to apply or buff off the paint? The only time these towels are used are for drying, but when I want to apply Optimum Car wax as a drying aide, I avoid the absorbent towels and stick with a plush microfiber. I think at least with Opti-seal/hyper seal...since it is suppose to be a wipe on/walk away product, using an absorbent towel would probably not be a good choice of towel as the towel may absorb too much of the product.
  7. Kiddetailer

    New Formula No Rinse

    excited to try this, I'm expecting some thing good to go against the other rinseless solutions that have been so popular these days.
  8. Kiddetailer

    Greetings from Erie, PA

    will not work as you expect it to. Contact wash is still necessary to break the static bond of certain dust/dirt. I recommend taking it to the self serve car wash and blast away any areas Salt may get to, rinse down the entire car. Then presoak the car with a handheld sprayer filled with ONR. Go about your wash with ONR + BRS.
  9. Kiddetailer

    To presoak or not presoak? ONRww
  10. Kiddetailer

    To presoak or not presoak? ONRww

    I have been trying this new way of washing. Now it may seem counter productive to efficiency. I have heard from someone (possibly Ivan) about presoaking with ONR then rinsing the car with water prior to anything. This is my current experimental routine which applies to ALL washes for the sake of consistency everytime I wash a car with a water source. I personally use a hose with garden sprayer attachment on a "flat" spray setting (similar to pressure washer). I also wash my vehicle in NIGHT TIME as I am in the desert heat. The following steps can still be applied without a water source, which would increase efficiency, but I would take POWER Clean out of the routine and also not work in the wheel barrel for wheel cleaning. 1. Presoak the car with ONR and let it dwell. Spray Tires/Wheels with Power Clean. Take the ONR wet wheel/body brush and go over all the wheel faces, tires quickly. Rinse off ONR/PowerClean with hose/pressure washer. *The dirt should be encapsulated and some of the dirt/grime should be rinsed off better this way. 2. ONR wash with BRS. Rinse again with hose/pressure washer. *The contact wash should break off any bonds (static) that some dirt/grime had on the paint which should now be rinsed easily off the car. I noticed that if you pressure wash a dusty car, some dust may still be stuck on paint due to static, which requires contact wash to break this bond. 3. ONR wash with Cyclone wash mitt. *This should be a quick step as most of the dirt/grime is gone from the car. Using this step ensures whatever was not picked up by the BRS/Rinse cycle would be picked up here so that the drying towel would not pick up any unforeseen dirt/grime. 4. Spray down entire car with ONR. Dry the car with Plus Twisted Loop towel 5. Use ONR wet microfiber towel on wheels, tires, brake calipers. If working into the barrel with Wheel Woolies, I would spray the wheel down again with hose after the wash. 6. Dry Wheels with Opti Seal and Microfiber towel . 7. Apply Last Step Product of choice on the paint/windows/soft top/tires
  11. Does optimum have anything in their product line for that?
  12. Kiddetailer

    Alcantara Cleaning & Protection

    Ron, wouldn't Opti Guard Fabric be more appropriate since Alcantara is a textile material?
  13. I am actually amazed optimum power clean didn't effect it. Did you use full strength? What about Ferrex?
  14. Kiddetailer

    Alcantara Cleaning & Protection

    I don't believe there is one product I am aware of that would protect Alcantara, except maybe 303 Fabric protector, and the Optimum fabric coatings. However, since Alcantara is some unusual material, I would consult with the manufacturer of those products before use.