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  1. Daniel Sullivan


    Sounds like a great idea to me! Would love to meet some fellow detailers and see the new place. Dr. G was was very nice when I visited the old facility and took about an hour and a half out of his busy day just to talk and show me around.
  2. Daniel Sullivan

    Flex Pe14 FS/FT

    Well I went ahead and pulled the trigger and got this in the other day Can't wait to try it out. I've been needing to clean up my Father in laws car, so I think I'm gonna try out the GPS and MF pad combo on it. I'll also consider partial trades of Optimum products on the Flex. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  3. Daniel Sullivan

    Flex Pe14 FS/FT

    Pics $300 shipped CONUS
  4. Daniel Sullivan

    Flex Pe14 FS/FT

    Thanks Chris, tell him to give me a call or email me if he's interested. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Daniel Sullivan

    Flex Pe14 FS/FT

    I've got a Flex Pe14 in great shape with the original box and manual. Also comes with 3,5,and 6 inch Optimum backing plates and a few new 6 inch pads. I've used it on a couple of cars and to spot buff some scratches and it really is a nice, smooth machine and a joy to use but most of my details are one steps so I'm selling it to fund a Rupes. So if anyone has a Rupes 21 they would like to trade for my Pe14 + cash on my end let me know. Price is $300 + shipping.
  6. Daniel Sullivan

    Greetings from Arkansas!

    Welcome to the addiction man, soon you'll be buying a polisher and detailing on the side for money to buy more supplies, ask me how I know . ONR is an awsome product, don't think I've done a traditional wash since I tried it!! Where in Arkansas are you, I'm about thirty miles east of Little Rock. If there's any other products you want to try let me know, I've got about every product OPT makes and love them all.
  7. Daniel Sullivan

    After Optimum Finish...any prep needed before OC 2.0

    With optimum polishes you can just wipe down with a damp MF towel and coat. I wet mine with ONR at QD Strength. All the cars I've coated are still going strong, some going on a year and a half
  8. Daniel Sullivan

    2011 Sierra- Using Chris' Method for Opti Bond

    Great job and write up as always Richy. What spray gun are you using, I bought a cheap 20 oz. HVLP from harbor freight but haven't gotten around to trying it yet
  9. Daniel Sullivan

    GMC Farm Truck Clean Up

    Thanks Chris, yeah i'm thinking it's like the "Duck Clubs" around here, there's more whiskey being shot than turkeys .
  10. Daniel Sullivan

    GMC Farm Truck Clean Up

    Thanks Todd, I've still got the old version of OPC (Just opened my last gallon) so I use it 3:1, I've also got a bottle mixed at 5:1 that I use for light duty use. Yeah I didn't even touch the interior of the bed. The owner of the farm he works for buys a new truck every year and passes his old one down to the next in command, and his goes to the next person, and so on. Needless to say most of them aren't worried about taking care of 'em.
  11. Daniel Sullivan

    GMC Farm Truck Clean Up

    A woman I used to work with that I Opti-Coated her new Durango a few months ago called me up and said her husband wanted me to clean up his truck before he went on a turkey hunting trip (Don't ask me why b/c I didn't). He's a farmer and this truck gets driven thru rice fields and who know what else so needless to say it was pretty bad. Here's some befores And yes the interior was just as bad, luckily he did use rubber floor mats I first took the pressure washer to the wheel wells to knock off all the caked on mud, next I used bleche white on the tires and wheel brightner on the rims to cut thru the bad stuff. I then soaked the wells, tires, and rims with OPC and got to scrubbing, after this they were nice and clean. Next I hit the lower panels with the PW and knocked all the mud clods off then foamed them with a mixture of Dawn and OPC and washed the sides of it to get down to all the tar I would hafta remove. A can of Tarminator and a lot of elbow grease later she was tar free. I opened up the doors and hit the jams with the pressure washer before pulling it into the garage. Since it was so big and still pretty dirty i mixed up 4 gallons of ONR solution. I usually don't ONR cars this dirty but it's starting to heat up around here and even in the shade I have trouble with water spotting (bad city water) when doing a bucket wash. I hafta say I was really impressed at how well it cleaned!! I believe this is how I'm doing all cars from now on. It took all I had not to break out the new Flex but he just wanted "nice and shiny" . So I coated it with OCW and UTTG on the trim and moved on to the interior. I first removed the floor mats and scrubbed them with OPC and set them out to dry. After a good vacuum I proceeded to clean the interior surfaces and door jambs with a MF soaked in ONR. I sprayed the spots on the seats with OPC, scrubbed, and then extracted with my LGM. Lastly I cleaned the interior windows and call it done. Now the afters
  12. Daniel Sullivan

    Rotary or Flex3401

    Well I came across a deal I couldn't pass up and this arrived today !! Also came with the 3, 5, and 6 inch OPT backing plates. Can't wait to try it out, hopefully I'll get to test it on my work truck tomorrow. Half the clearcoat is gone off the hood and fender so I'm not too worried about burning the paint on it. Gonna start out with 5" MF polishing pad with GPS and see what that does.
  13. Daniel Sullivan

    Rotary or Flex3401

    Thanks guys, I was leaning toward a rotary b/c I already have the GG DA but was just worried about finishing with it b/c most people around here just want a one step correction. Do Poli-Seal (or GPS) and Hyper Polish finish down good with a rotary? Also would ya'll suggest the MF pads or foam pads for a new rotary user.
  14. Daniel Sullivan

    Rotary or Flex3401

    Hey guys, I started detailing on the side after I got my GG DA last year when people saw the work i did on my families cars. Most of the jobs i get are people wanting a one step on their daily driver, the only bad thing is that most people around here drive trucks or SUVs. I mainly use Poli-Seal or Hyper Spray Polish if they want Opti-Coat. While I get great results with my DA and MF pads, I'm been thinking about getting a rotary or flex 3401 to speed up the process. I was leaning toward either a Makita or the new Dewalt DWP849X rotary for their speed and price(plus it will be nice to have when I come across super hard clears) but was concerned about finishing down in one step with one. It was suggested I try the Flex 3401 but with my budget I would have to find a used one at a good price or sell my GG DA to get one. I've done a lot of research on using a rotary and know the dangers involved(paint burn thru, holograms, etc.) and have my old work truck and some junk panels to practice on before using it on a customers vehicle. Those that have a flex how much faster does it correct compared to a DA? So what's ya'lls opinion, should I get a rotary or try to locate a used Flex? Thanks, Daniel
  15. My wifes aunt bought this car last week and wants me to keep it maintained for her so I talked her into Opti-Coat to make my life easier:woot: I planned on just doing an OPC bath, clay and coating it but after getting the car and seeing the swirls the the dealer put in it :shakehead: I had to break out the DA. After the bath, it got clayed with the Magna sponge. Then OPT Polish II on a LC flatwhite pad. Next, a wipe down with GG pre-wax cleaner before the Opti-Coat. I coated all paint, glass, rims, and door jambs. Swirls Afters