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  1. Hi ZeroSP, Just to share with you that me too get my supply through OPT Malaysia distributor(KC/seech). I been their customer for more than 2 years already and still counting. I only polish/clay my ride about twice a year. My weekly maintenance products are Optimum Car Wash & Optimum Instant Detailer(applied after every car wash). My protection for the paint is only Optimum Car Wax. No opti-seal & opti-coat applied. Wax twice a month or often as needed as Optimum Car Wax is non abrasive.
  2. Alvin

    Temperature sensitivity

    To me personally, I also enjoyed using Optimum products due to their environmental friendly properties & also safer for the consumer. Mostly water based and petroleum free. I tend to stay away from products that contains petroleum no matter how good the product is.
  3. Alvin

    Temperature sensitivity

    You can try performing your detailing session during the earlier morning or later evening when the temperature is cooler. Always avoid direct sunlight and hot surface or you risk baking the wax into the paint. I always wax my ride in the shade regardless whether the product is sunlight friendly or not. It will be better for your paint. Use your hand to feel the paint surface first. If its warm, then wait for it to cool down a little before applying. During application just treat it as a quick detailer. Spray onto cloth to wet it and then spray onto panel. Wipe product immediately. Do not wait as no curing is needed. Your paint should look streak free. Work panel by panel. I personally like OCW so much that it is already my preferred LSP. FYI, in my country temperature easily reaches 33C during most afternoon and 31C during the later evening but I have no issues applying OCW in those conditions. Easy, Effortless & Effective.
  4. Alvin

    Logo peeling off

    I think it would be better if you manage to take a clear picture of the mitt so be easier for forumers to identify.
  5. Last application of OCW was on 31/3(1 week ago) and washed my ride on Sunday 8/4 with the normal 2 bucket wash spiked with ONR. After the wash just an application of OID(using less is more). Used the car the following day to work as usual... no rain. The next day to work which is a Tuesday, it was raining in the morning and you all know what happen when the rain stops... you get SANDY ROAD plus free sand blasting from other drivers on your way to work. BUT during the lunch hour i took my ride out and i got this... Lower part of the car is usually the dirtiest but what happens if you were to combine OCW+OID?. "A picture is worth a thousand words" Thanks to Seech/KC of OPT Malaysia for bringing in the OPT line! BTW, I am also blessed with covered parking at my work place!
  6. Been a customer of Seech(Malaysia OPT Distributor) for nearly a year. Got a gallon from him a few months ago. NO OPTI COAT. NO OPTI SEAL. Just plain OCW! My personal review: Fast(less than 30 mins), Easy(1 MF will do BUT make sure work surface is VERY CLEAN) & Convenient(no buffing) but over application will cause hazing & requires ONR QD for a fix. A little goes a long way and avoid warm surfaces if possible during application(thanks Seech for teaching me how to spray the OCW to avoid over app). For slickness, dirt/sand is harder to stick at the lower parts of the doors during rain fall. Durability wise, I can't really tell cause I wax it so often(almost every week)! But based on Seech's tests for a daily driver is 1 month in Malaysia's tropical climate. Best of all, it doesn't stain plastics. I use them for ALL my exterior surfaces! Steel wiper, rubber(except wiper blade), all plastics, headlamps(plastic)...etc. It doesn't haze glass but since I use Rain-X on my glass so I use it on everything except glass. NO COMPOUNDING/NO LEVELING! Just 2 pics as I wish to keep a low profile. No water spots! 95% defect free on paint as I'm a daily driver and weekly wash(typical 2 bucket method+GG Inserts using Brand X shampoo spiked with ONR for extra lube). Tip: Optimum Instant Detailer will boost the gloss/slickness of OCW. Tested & proven.
  7. Alvin

    What are we polishing?

    As a daily driver myself its near IMPOSSIBLE to have a show room condition everyday. Wear and tear.
  8. Alvin


    Hello matthew, For the clay I believe Chris Thomas & Dr.G has the answer. For the QD and clay lube. In my opinion, I used ONR as a lube/QD and its fantastic. Cheaper too. You can mix the dilution to your requirement. More ONR=more lubrication. I find it actually better than those red bottle Megs QD. Remember to use a clean unused spray bottle(never had any previous chemicals before in them) and use preferably distilled water. If you are unable to make or get distilled water then any clean filtered water source will do.
  9. Nice job!! It looks like a brand new car from the showroom.
  10. Alvin

    Optimum Opti Clean Review

    Master Seech! Great job! You forgot to mention how does it smell like? Is the smell user-friendly? Also did you try using it as a clay lube?
  11. Got to know about OPT products through KC & seech(Official Distributors for OPT in Malaysia) blogs. Bought a bottle of ONR from them and its awesome. Sometimes we don't have the luxury here to get really clean and soft water. ONR solves it. But I used filtered water for my ONR mix just to be extra safe.
  12. KC! You forgot to share something very important to the user of those "test samples" made by Dr.G. What does it smell like? Does it smell just as good as ONR? Good enough to drink? haha j/k. Great Job.