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    New and Reformulated Optimum Products

    How long did you guys test out the Zen DA's? Just wondering if this is gonna be another failed attempt at cloning the Rupes at a cheaper price. Also why not just stop the speed dial at 4 since that is highest recommended speed to use?
  2. fordpwr

    M101 for trade

    Lookimg to get the 3 spray products(hyper compound hyper polish and gps) would like atleast half of bottle of each since price wise it is abiut even
  3. fordpwr

    i have some

    Did you have to aggitate and how long you let it sit?
  4. just a couple questions 1. just wondering if you are working on a spray version of the final polish 2? considering there is a spray version of the other 3 already 2.were the spray version made for the MF pads or vice versa? i know i can use other pads with the sprays(cause i have) but like the Meguiars MF kits there pads and compound/finishing wax was made to go with the MF pads i think thats it for right now. all i know is the spray formulas are completely amazing. love the results and the facts that they are dust free and body shop safe. since right now i am working my small(just started) detail shop inside a body i know it is a no brainer about which products i can use on new paint and which ones i can not. Thank You Stephen
  5. well i am new to this forum. i have read alot of good things about this line so i finally decided to buy some. i have OC OP OPS. i am using a dewalt 849 and 8" edge 2k black green and blue wool as well as a 3m foam finishing pad. everything video or posting i see/read says use very little product. what is considered very little? well i used about a quater size and it seemed to have dried up real quick. i spread it with polisher off turned it on at 1000rpm moved to the right back th left and it was gone. i used the green wool. as soon as i get another camera i will have pics. this was on a single stage paint and it seemed to do nothing for the swirls. any and all suggestion greatly appreciated. i want to give this line a fair chance. so disappointed with the MENZ i have. my Wizard Products worked better than the Menz