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  1. NorthToronto

    OC 2.0 and Paint Warranties

    Well I stand corrected! I think I should have used more question marks, thanks for clearing up my confusion. Hopefully the old "If you've got a question, one of your classmates is probably wondering the same thing" proverb come into play here
  2. NorthToronto

    Optimum GPS doesn't atomize

    As true as this is, you should also use common sense. I was trying to get the finest mist possible and really pulled back hard on the trigger when the nozzle setting was too closed. Snapped the trigger out of its housing, can't get to my compound anymore and it leaked a terrible mess. Like they say, common sense isn't common Trying to source a Tolco #320 sprayer head as I think Chris mentioned on another forum this is what they use.
  3. NorthToronto

    Opti-Coat tutorial

    Made this playlist of Kevin Farrell explaining the benefits and procedure for Opti-Coat. Some great info for educating customers and users alike.
  4. I bought a bottle of spray polish at the end of last summer to test out. Like all the other OPT products I use, I loved the corrective ability and the ease of use was simply amazing. The only issue I had was with splatter. Using a soft (95 ppi), flat foam buffing pad and moderate speed on a rotary, it seemed after a while the product was being flung out of the sides of the pad. Was this a product issue or something to do with my technique? I believe this would have been the old formulation of the product. Thanks!
  5. NorthToronto

    OC 2.0 and Paint Warranties

    I just think there's an important distinction to be made between a product that rests above the paint and the concept of adding back clearcoat that has been removed.
  6. NorthToronto

    OC 2.0 and Paint Warranties

    Is it really fair to say that OptiCoat adds clear thickness? Even if it increases readings on a paint thickness gauge, and as great as a product as it is, it doesn't contain the hardeners or UV inhibitors that fully baked and cured OEM clearcoat contains.
  7. NorthToronto

    ONR and Keeping Old Paint Good

    Keeping toels and the like for designated uses minimizes the chances of marring as well. I use my newest towels for drying, when they've seen some wear they move on to be wash or interior towels. I would never use the same towel for cleaning brake dust and drying the paint as an example.
  8. NorthToronto

    Greetings from Toronto

    Hey all, My name is Aaron and I run North Toronto Car Wash and Detailing. It's a mobile detailing business based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Feel free to check out my site at and let me know what you think. Been using OPT for a couple years now, trained with them and love using them. This is a great looking site you have going on here for a great line of product. I look forward to adding to the discussion.