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  1. Brad K

    Optimum Updates - Namely "X"

    I'm checking this forum like every day to see if it's been released! Very anxious to see this product get out into the hands of the Optimum users on here and hear more feedback, see more pictures of it in use!
  2. Brad K

    PowerClean on carpet

    Thanks for the reply, integritydetail. Has the Optimum carpet cleaner been released yet??
  3. Brad K

    PowerClean on carpet

    I have not yet tried PowerClean, but have been watching other's results using it, and have been impressed so far. I was just curious about using it to remove carpet stains though. In the thread about Powerclean purposes and dilutions, cleaning carpet stains is mentioned in there. I was wondering if anyone else has used it to clean carpet stains, and can comment on their experience with it in that area and how they used it. Pics would be very helpful too! The main reason why I feel it would probably work well is because I see a lot of Meguiar's users using Meg's APC for I was hoping to see how well Powerclean could do this job as well.
  4. Brad K

    Grand Am Beading Water

    I did not dry the car with a leaf blower. In case you were confused, I did not do anything to this car the day I took these pictures. These pictures were solely for the purpose of showing beading pictures and seeing how well the wax was holding up. The day I waxed it (almost 2 months ago now), I did an ONR wash and dried with soft microfiber towel.
  5. I detailed this Grand Am about a month and a half ago. Since it belongs to the lady who works in the office at my apartment complex, I can easily check on it. It was raining today and I figured I'd go see if it was still beading up water. Turns out it was....and since I never took any pics of this car after I detailed it, here are my after pics of what a car looks like a month and a half after I detail it!! It has not been washed since I detailed it. My process when I detailed it 1 1/2 months ago was: ONR with microfiber mitt in Black Magic grit guard bucket APC on tires Paint and hubcaps sealed with M21 Tires dressed with Meg's High Gloss Endurance This is probably my favorite pic (you can see the back corner of my '83 Chrysler on the right side of the pic!) These last 2 I was trying to capture the drips down the side of the car, I thought it looked cool the way the beads of water were all in straight lines near the bottom of the door because the water obviously drips straight down. You can see it doesn't bead up quite as nicely as a just detailed car, and the tires aren't wet black anymore...but otherwise the car looks quite clean and glossy yet! Hope you enjoyed my first write up with water beading pics!!
  6. Brad K

    My Glass Cleaning Method

    Well, I just bought a silicon squeegee that looks very similar to Anthony's, and I'm quite excited to try it out on glass. I've been quite frustrated lately with getting glass perfect....we'll see if I can get there with this method.
  7. Brad K

    Toyota Corolla

    This was my most fun detail yet!! First paid detail to polish anything....I'm moving up in the world!! So I've been trying to detail this Toyota Corolla for a while now and finally got the chance today! She asked me to remove the marks from the hood...which were left from leaves falling and sitting on there for a while. They tried washing the marks off, but the marks were etched into the paint, so they called on my expertise. There were about 8-12 different marks on the hood from leaves. They almost all came out 100%....just a few very very faint lines left on a couple. Side note....yes these pictures are all in the sun and yes I polished the car in the driveway under the sun....but it was definitely a partly cloudy day...the hood wasn't really that hot. I had to be quick with my camera to get the full sun pics. Products used: ONR Microfiber wash mitt Black Magic grit guard-type bucket Meg's clay bar (for bugs, tar, etc) Meg's High Gloss Endurance for tires Meg's M83 on W8006 pad with PC Meg's M21 Pics: Here is the best pic I could get of the etched marks I was trying to get rid of (with some red lines to help point them out!): Couple scuff marks I polished out on the door handle, circled them in red (no after pic, but they came out 100%): Hood shot before polishing to show the amount of scratches: Taped the trunk off to do a half and's what it looked like before: After polishing half the trunk: 50/50 of the trunk (left side is after polishing)...pic didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped: After pics: My favorite after pic...I love how the van's reflection is distorted next to the headlight: I definitely put M21 on the hubcaps....I'm impressed how nice they look: Hope you enjoyed!! Comments/questions welcome!!
  8. Brad K

    Does Optimum PowerClean brown tires?

    Thanks for the recommendations, Mike. Do you mind if I take a couple pictures and give me some feedback as to whether you think Power Clean could take the brown off my tires?
  9. I just tried cleaning my tires with Simple Green, and it got the dirt off quite well, but after they dried they still look a bit brown. I definitely have been interested in getting some Optimum Power Clean and I just wanted to check if I would run into the same problems of brown tires after cleaning them. I realize Simple Green doesn't always have the best reputation and has on occasion damaged some surfaces (that's what I've read about on autopia), probably won't be buying any more in the future...but it's what I have for now! It seems on autopia people have run into the brown tire problem with several different cleaners, I just want to make sure I have myself covered!
  10. Brad K

    Favorite ONR Mitt

    I paid $6 for my mitt at Autozone.
  11. Brad K

    Favorite ONR Mitt

    For the sake of everyone reading this topic I figured I'd post a pic of the similar looking wash mitt I got from Autozone. I haven't really had a chance to try it yet so I can't comment on the performance, but it was recommended to me by someone on this forum in a thread I started about wash mitts for ONR. I should mention the color is actually a lot closer to the green one posted by Steve, the lighting was just a bit weird when I took the pic. Enjoy!
  12. Brad K

    Favorite ONR Mitt

    I got a VERY similar looking green wash mitt from Autozone recently, is this one of the "other versions" of that wash mitt that you were referring to?
  13. Brad K

    How the hell we going to detail this??

    Those doors are pretty sweet if you ask me! I like the lowered chances of door ding....and the fact that they look really cool when they open!!!
  14. Brad K

    Non-linting wash mitt?

    I picked one up yesterday when I was at Autozone! I can't wait to try it out on a car (which will probably be a little while since it's winter and I'm at college lol).