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  1. Thank you guys. It seems like Opti-Clean is a good way of approaching a bird dropping problems. Thank you for all explanations and tips.
  2. XxAkaraxX

    How Strong is Optimum Paint Prep?

    Chris, may you please explain what you mean by "road film"?
  3. Thank you Chris. I have ordered 3.8ltr size of opti clean. I can use it for a quick wipe down dust on my car between washes. By the way when is it the best time to apply OID? after fully drying my car or when the car is still wet?
  4. I was thinking of keeping an OID in the car to wipe down any bird droppings. It seems like OID is not fit for this purpose. Can I spray OOC initially instead of ONR W&S before wiping down with OOC? Or is ONR W&S significantly stronger than OOC? I would like to keep a towel and a bottle of a product to wipe down any bird droppings or similar sticky dirts which I would not want to have until my next wash. However, I am not sure which Optimum product.
  5. Hi, I would like to ask which optimum car care products suitable to clean bird droppings from a car?
  6. XxAkaraxX

    How Strong is Optimum Paint Prep?

    Thank you for your responses Chris. What would you recommend to clean the paint without removing any factory clear coating on the car? Or at least is that possible? I used optimum car wash > ferrex > paint cleaner > wax on my both cars. Then my cars got so shinny and I can see every metallics in the paint. Im just wondering whether I only need to wipe down with paint-prep or i also need to use any paint cleaner before waxing a car from now on.
  7. Hi guys, I consider performing a light polish post claybar on my mothers car. Looking for a light polish to remove minor swirls and defects on her 2 year old I30. I have looked at the polishing products in optimum polishing products. I have seen two products, including Optimum Glaze Polish Sealant and Optimum Poli-Seal. I will highly appreciate if you guys describe me: > what the differences between these two products; > should I use cordless wax attack wax spreader with a 60w motor or 600w Dual Action Polisher? > can/should I should apply optimum spray wax over any of these two products?
  8. XxAkaraxX

    How Strong is Optimum Paint Prep?

    Thank you for your advices. Im concerned of using paint cleaners or hand polishes with very light abressives. Sometimes I also see products called non-abressive polishes. Does it mean that they are all paint cleaners to clean off the surface like optimum paint prep? If so, is an optimum paint prep is a category of non-abressive hand polishes? If not, how different is paint prep to non-abressive hand polishes?
  9. Hi guys, I consider applying optimum paint prep every time I wax my cars. Can you please advise me how strong the optimum paint prep is and whether it is safe to use without thinning or removing any clear coat? Many thanks.
  10. I only use optimum car wash shampoo, and then apply qd for the panel every two weeks. I also do car wash > paint prep > wax every two months. Then also fine claybar every 6-8 months. I have recently introduced ferrex. I will use it on wheels every 4months.
  11. XxAkaraxX

    How much to use on each wheel

    Thank you guys. It looks like i used enough going over board this time. I will apply it every 3-4 months then. What are the recommendations for a wheel sealant which would dry up quite quick?
  12. Is there any danger if I dont remove the excess fast enough?
  13. I currently use standard optimum products, including ocw, paint prep before waxing, opti spray wax and optimum detailer spray after every wash. Can you please advise whether i will need to or better off with applying opti spray wax every 2-3 months if i have an opti-coat pro applied to my car? Then also do I need to apply detailer spray after every wash if i have the opti-coat pro applied to my car?
  14. Thank you guys, I really appreciate. I really realised how much more than I needed, when I look at the spray bottle, after waxing whole car. I was like this bottle should do more than 5-6 cars. However, it turned out that it was me who used way lore than what I need. How about ferrex? How much should i spray on each wheel? And is it to be used at each wash or less frequently?