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  1. Lowejackson

    Show me whatcha got

    Thank you
  2. Lowejackson

    Scottys rant

    I guess this is evidence to not pay that much attention to some on YouTube. Obviously when I start a YouTube channel things will be different!
  3. Lowejackson

    Show me whatcha got

    @zombie1991 where did you get the measuring caps for the bottles and do you like them?
  4. My understanding is the Opticoat line is specifically designed to work with the OPT coatings whereas products such as ONR will work on any surface. Not tried the opticoat range so cannot say how significant the difference is but clearly OPT think there is an advantage.
  5. Lowejackson

    Trying new things

    Welcome to the forum. Ron (the Moderator) will probably be able to help with the wax. My wild guess is maybe some mild, indirect heat might help? Being a grandfather is the best job I ever had and much less stressful than being a parent.
  6. Lowejackson


    Whilst GPS is a nice product, if it had any glaze (filling) properties, I did not see them either with hand or machine use. If you want an old fashioned glaze have a look for One Grand or 3M, just don't expect them to last too long.
  7. Lowejackson

    ONR Polymers?

    I have tried various rinseless washes and liked them all. If ONR was suddenly discontinued then I would be content to use any of them. However, I did not feel compelled to swap ONR for any of the other products. Maybe as the market grows and the products improve perhaps that will change but for now, I am happy with ONR.
  8. Lowejackson

    ONR Polymers?

    What is an OG?
  9. Lowejackson

    Optimum's Company Mentality

    Thank you. I would give you a 'like' reaction but seems I can only do one a day
  10. Lowejackson

    Optimum's Company Mentality

    Thanks Ron
  11. Lowejackson

    Optimum's Company Mentality

    Ron, what is a 1099?
  12. Interesting question. I would guess the highest risk is in the application stage, an airborne volatile spray is probably not good for humans in an enclosed environment so some precautions would be suggested. As for a cured product like Optiseal, I really have no idea, my guess is the risks are low.
  13. Even applying Opti-Seal every two weeks, the bottle will still last years.
  14. Lowejackson

    Hello from Tennessee!

    Welcome to the forum. Detailing can indeed be a confusing hobby but ultimately it is about using the right tools at the right time and it should be fun.
  15. Lowejackson

    ONR streaking when I rinse the vehicle

    I wonder if the streaking is the ONR mixing with Power Clean. Power Clean does need quite a lot of liquid to be removed from the surface so maybe if there was not quite enough ONR used it would lead to streaking.