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  1. I would suggest Power Clean. Given you already own some ONR then another shampoo might be nice to have but it will effectively be doing the same thing. A all purpose cleaner such as Power Clean would be far more useful
  2. M Wash is the traditional shampoo whereas Power Clean is an All Purpose Cleaner
  3. For the least effort and most predictable results, I would stick with Hyper Seal. Other products may or may not play well with the coating but Hyper Seal was designed to work with the OPT coating. Of course you are free to try many other products and if you have money burning a hole in your pocket then start experimenting.
  4. Lowejackson

    ONR as windshield washer additive

    I will echo Ron's view, use a dedicated windscreen wash and use ONR as a booster. No idea if washer fluids will damage wiper blades but suspect even if they do, UV and abrasion will have a far bigger impact. When things get warmer, would suggest getting a glass coating. Clear glass is such a critical safety feature and a good coating can make a big difference.
  5. Lowejackson

    2019 Ford F-150

    As with many things in life, it is about finding things which work for you and your circumstances.
  6. Lowejackson

    New member, questions about Opticoat

    Shine&wax, you are perhaps overthinking things. The coating is giving the UV protection, Hyper Seal or OCW is really about making washing and drying a little easier so choose whichever you prefer or alternate if that is your preference.
  7. Lowejackson

    New Formula No Rinse

    But working from the same address. I do accept they may well be different organisations.
  8. Lowejackson

    New Formula No Rinse

    A&J, I believe they are the same company, different branding.
  9. Lowejackson

    New Formula No Rinse

    A&J, is OPT Russia a different company to OPT in the Netherlands?
  10. Lowejackson

    Claying with Ferrex

    JanosK, on this video by Yvan he uses multiple sprays on the wheel and so I am with Setec, 2 sprays sounds a little on the low side. Don't forget the ONR will also dilute the Ferrex. As for efficiency, this is often not what people think it is. If a process needs to be done twice then it does not sound very efficient but more broadly efficiency also depends on what you are trying to do and why. A process in a high volume detail business could be very different to a business working on show cars and this is largely due to the expectations of the customer. Is your goal 'good enough', close of perfect or somewhere in the middle, efficiency is about finding the solution which will give you that goal
  11. Lowejackson

    ONR Safe for Hardwood Floors?

    ONR is fine on floors. As pointed out above, have realistic expectations. I find ONR is perfectly good on light dirt. If the floor has says oils or grease then you will need something stronger than ONR
  12. Lowejackson

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    I fully support any application by A&J. For many years across different forums he has provided support and advice to many people on OPT products. Additionally, his willingness to test all sorts of OPT products in different combinations and publish the results is always impressive. If there was such a thing as a brand ambassador, A&J would do a great job.
  13. Lowejackson

    Black Velcro carpet

    It seems some of the modern carpet fibres are made from complete loops which seem to be very effective at holding onto dirt and are perfect for holding onto pet hairs. I can only presume when the manufactures are testing them, they are looking at cost and durability and not how easy they are to clean
  14. Lowejackson

    qwaqreplwoiuakjcz joined the community

    Lots of people(?) joining the forum with what appears to be random letters as usernames and not returning here after they have registered. Are these bots or is something else going on?
  15. Lowejackson

    qwaqreplwoiuakjcz joined the community

    Sorry Ron, I made up that user name. I guess I was just wondering about all the users with apparently random letters as user names and most do not appear to revisit the forum after joining. Not a huge issue, I do have a lot of spare time on my hands....
  16. Lowejackson

    Hi from Cornwall in the UK

    Ian 180p, welcome to the forum from Cumbria There are some very good videos on the Rag Company YouTube site on using ONR. There are some strange myths about using ONR but my suggestion is not to overthink things. Edit. I use a noodle mitt, tried various other things but for me the noodle mitt does what I want it to. I am sure the BRS is great but I am not rich enough to try it
  17. Lowejackson

    M wash

    Not tried it but would guess it is a fancy version of the Car Wash shampoo
  18. Use both or either one, it is entirely up to you
  19. Lowejackson

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    Ron, that is a shame but a new person from OPT could just start their own podcasts and reflect the new direction for OPT It is a shame for me as I had links to the podcasts I was on in my LinkedIn page. Need to find an alternative now. Is there anyone else who does detailing podcasts who would talk to some unknown Brit?
  20. Lowejackson

    Clear Coat Restorer

    Just seen the Rag Company video on the Clear Coat Restorer. Could this be used as a near permanent glaze to hide minor swirls and could it be polished afterwards before applying wax/sealant/coating https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cP7hQB3Bz8
  21. Lowejackson

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    Ron, it is time to dig out the microphone and headphones......
  22. Lowejackson

    Discontinued Optimum Products

    I think A&J has produced a video about GPS or perhaps my memory is failing me
  23. Lowejackson

    Discontinued Optimum Products

    Not a problem, just a preference. Always in favour of efficiency, in fact I agree with everything that rambling British guy was saying about efficiency when he was on the Synergy Podcast. I am sure he is available for work anywhere in the world for a reassuringly expensive rate
  24. Lowejackson

    Slickness question/compared to Zaino

    ....or point out a high spot
  25. Lowejackson

    Discontinued Optimum Products

    That's a shame, the paste polishes were my favourite.