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  1. Heath

    Natty's paste

    Got some Natty's Paste wax and Natty's Blue $15 each/shipped--- each are new Also 1 new bottle of RMG $15/shipped PM me if interested Thanks for looking! Heath
  2. Heath

    Porsche Turbo, E55 with OptiSeal

    Both cars looks awesome. The Porshe is shimmering wet. I'm sure both owners were tickled pink. Awesome job Anthony!!!! One day if I'm lucky i'll be half as good as some of you guys!
  3. Heath

    F250 meets OS

    Great looking truck. The white looks really really good!!!!
  4. Heath

    Opti-Sealed my car

    Hey Ron! I did have some problems with streaking. I just contributed it to using too much product. I would just rub it in a little more. If I had any spots that didnt dissappear, I would just go over it with a microfiber towel. This seemed to work pretty well. I also started using a smaller Meg GC yellow pad. It didnt seem to be as grabby as the larger one. It seems to be catching on the dry spots on the pad. Just a few simple issues that will go away when ppl get use to the application of O/S. Great product! Thanks for the comps too. Heath
  5. Heath

    Opti-Sealed my car

    Hey Guys, Finally got around to putting that 3rd coat of Opti-Seal on my Moostang. What can I say. Pretty amazing stuff. ONR wash Stoner More Shine to tires Opti-Seal IMG]http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w119/Drkness26/DSC01218.jpg[/img]
  6. Heath

    Opti-Sealed my car

    Thanks for the compliments guys. The last shot is the 2nd coat. I'm gonna go put the 3rd coat on in a little while. Again, thanks you guys.
  7. I decided to try out the new Opti-Seal on my car. Since I tried it on my g/f's car I was really really eager to try it on mine. I guess I used here just to get an idea on how to apply it and how it was gonna look. Well, I'm really really really excited about Opti-Seal. So easy to apply and so little goes a long way. Started out with and ONR wash then dried with PB WW's Applied OP with a PC and White LC Pad. QD'd the car with TWPUG QD Opti-Seal with supplied applicator x 1 Coat. Next day. QD'd the car and applied 2nd coat of O/S. Now- cant wait to apply the 3rd coat tomorrow. IMG]http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w119/Drkness26/DSC01208.jpg[/img]
  8. Heath

    not for the faint of heart... cat lovers LOL !

    If you really want to have fun with a cat, get a laser pointer. Its hours of fun from the comfort of your own couch or recliner. I had a cat panting the other day from chasing that little red dot around. Hehehehe. I'm easily amused, what can i say!!!
  9. Heath

    Opti Sealed Altima

    Thanks Anthony!! You should see the before pics!! The car belongs to a girl I'm dating. I told her I was gonna use her car as a guinea pig. She didnt mind!! Opti Seal is gonna be a huge hit. You and the fellas have an amazing new product.
  10. I Opti-Sealed this Altima today. Wash,Dry, OP, O/S. The Opti-Seal went on really easy. Once I get the technique of putting it on, it should be smooth sailing. Awesome product. I cant wait for an hour to pass to put on a 2nd coat.
  11. Got my Opti-Seal in yesterday. Anthony sent me the tracking # and found it sitting on my door step when I got home. Thank you for all the communication and the tracking# Anthony. I'm trying it out saturday!
  12. I cant wait to get the OptiSeal. I'm off saturday and i'm thinking about giving it a try on my g/f's car!! Thanks for keeping us posted Anthony!!!
  13. Anthony, Thats great fella!!! I know so many people have been anxiously awaiting this cool Optimum product to get on the market. Thank you for keeping us enthusiasts informed. I'm really looking forward to using Opti-Seal, so put me down for 1 bottle of the OS if you dont mind. Heath
  14. Heath


    If he'd double my salary, I'd work my rear off!!! Something tells me I should just wait a little longer!!!! lol!! There is a pool hall in Tupelo called Sharp Shooters. Have a good one Ron!
  15. Heath


    I havent been into serious detailing very long but the anticipation of Opti-Seal is about to drive me crazy. Opti-Seal seems to be a pretty amazing product with some amazing qualities. I sure hope they have a big batch cuz I think they're gonna need it. Hopefully we'll have some soon. I cant wait. I'm only an hour south of Memphis and I feel like drivin up there to the place. Take it easy.