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  1. The Guz

    new gloss coat formula

    Hopefully these updates make it a more durable coating. From my experience that was the achilles heel of it which is why I moved onto a different coating that performed much better.
  2. The Guz

    Silicon Carbide .vs. Graphene

    Just another variation of a coating that is infused with graphene oxide. Too early to tell if there is any benefit as these coatings are in their infancy.
  3. Glassparency is not that great. More hype then anything. Needs constant maintenance every 3 months. I polished it off after trying it. OptiGlass is a better product compared to Glassparency.
  4. The Guz

    Gloss Coat Slickness

    GC won't get slick. It will stay tacky. You will have to rely on a topper if you want slickness.
  5. The Guz

    Uneventful Gloss Coat experience

    No need to use power clean. If you wait until the first wash then a simple wash with ONR, paint prep and a apply gloss coat. if you are going to apply it now then go ahead and lightly remove the dust and apply the second coat. No need for a prep wipe.
  6. The Guz

    Using other brands to Prep for Gloss Coat

    I get that but besides optimum I have used other coatings from various manufactures ranging from cquartz, gtechniq, 22ple, adams, shine supply, gyeon. I may have missed a few more but Optimum is the only one to have stated this. Take 22ple for example as they don't even have any polishes in their line up, excluding their primer polish that is deemed optional. They don't come back and state one must use their polish products if the coating has low performance. I have not heard the others I listed state this either. If anything it comes down to the application of the coating itself where user error comes into play.
  7. The Guz

    Uneventful Gloss Coat experience

    Sure he can. It will bond to the areas that don't have even coverage. I am not new to coatings and I applied two coats of Gloss Coat in the past without any issues. Many have even applied gloss coat a few months down the road after a decon wash and prep wipe.
  8. The Guz

    Uneventful Gloss Coat experience

    Yvan and Dan had mentioned many times on the podcast and some of the videos that a second coat can be applied.
  9. The Guz

    Uneventful Gloss Coat experience

    If you followed Yvan's application video then you will be fine. You can also add another coat if you wanted to. On an average size sedan you should have about 5cc's left if you go with two coats.
  10. The Guz

    Using other brands to Prep for Gloss Coat

    From my personal experience Optimum is the only coating company that I have encountered that stated if the coating fails prematurely or has poor performance then it was the fault of the user for not using Optimum products (polishes, prep wipe, etc). So just be aware of this if you do have issues with the coatings performance.
  11. The Guz

    Swirls prevention

    It is not a bad idea to pre spray the surface. It will give you more lubrication. It is also a good idea to clean the BRS every now and then with some APC.
  12. The Guz

    Cleaning a foam pad of Gloss Coat

    Yvan used to mention to just dunk it in a bucket of ONR to clean it out. Seemed to work fine when I tried it. Gloss Coat doesn’t harden like other coatings.
  13. The Guz

    Yvan Retiring?

    Retirement didn't last long. Yvan has been announced as a global ambassador for Lake Country.
  14. Depends on what the warranty says. Warranties as mentioned don't mean that much. But at times like this you are going to have to take it up with your installer or contact someone at Optimum.
  15. In that time has a decontamination wash been performed? Contaminants still stick on the paint and will mask the hydrophobic properties of any coating. It may be worth to do a decontamination wash and see if that helps. The first thing is that coatings are not impervious to scratching or swirling. In the big picture the layer of coating is just to thin when applied to the paint. After a year you will more than likely need a polish for this exact reason you mentioned about micro-marring. Most come from the washing and drying process. Have you thought about polishing and re-coating yourself? Most of these multi year claims are just that, claims. Lab claims are different than real world performance.