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    Hyper Polish equivalent to which Menzerna Polish?

    I looked all over the Optimum website and i never saw any mention of going from Optimum Polish, wipe with ONR, then Gloss Coat. Is this a process recommended by and backed by Optimum?
  2. anonymoususer

    Hyper Polish equivalent to which Menzerna Polish?

    Thanks for the help guys! From looking at the Autopia chart, Hyper Polish probably won't finish fine enough for my ultra soft black paint. I didnt realize Optimum had other polishes other than the Hyper Compound and Polish. Anyone with personal experience with Optimum Finish Polish? And does it work with the "Optimum" process, polish, wipe with damp MF cloth and ONR, and go straight to Gloss Coat?
  3. I'm an avid Menzerna user and usually use FG400 and PO85RD (SF4500 and can't keep up with the newest name) for most of my corrections with a variance in the pads i use depending on the paint. I just bought 2 new cars for myself and the mrs. and now that my bottle of Opti Coat II is all dried up from old age, i'm intrigued to try Gloss Coat. I read that if i use Hyper Polish, i can simply wipe and go straight to Gloss Coat which is a huge plus in my book. So my questions would be: Which Menzerna polish is Hyper polish most comparable to? Does it finish as fine as PO85RD? Is Hyper polish suitable as a finishing polish for very soft black paint? Thank you.