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  1. No Soap

    Opti-Seal as Drying aid

    No, but now there is a new product on the market for cleaning the towels P&S (or The Rag Company) Rags To Riches. It is probably worth to check out!?
  2. No Soap

    Opti seal chalked my plastic trim?

    Same here! 🤔 Opti-Sealed almost everything in our household without problems. I also have black mirrors on my new car.
  3. No Soap

    New Formula No Rinse

    Do we have it in Europe already? You could keep us posted! 🙂
  4. No Soap

    Yvan Retiring?

    Even this current version of ONR is working like magic so use it and enjoy using it because it rocks!
  5. No Soap

    New Formula No Rinse

    I assume the protection part is still quite light so the usage of the product stays as flexible it has always been? It probably doesn’t affect protective products applied on top?
  6. No Soap

    New Formula No Rinse

    ...but will it foam!? 🤗 Good news, haven't stopped using ONR after I started even if there are some great competitors in the market. I just trust, and know, what I can achieve using ONR.
  7. No Soap

    Opti-clean as a wheel cleaner

    Yes it can, if used very often. Doesn’t take care of everything, especially not indeed barrels but handles the surface good enough for my taste. Test and see how you like it? Opti-Clean is a great product but has its limitation and strengths, like any other product. Like the citrus smell!
  8. No Soap

    Opti-Seal as Drying aid

    Yep, wrung our towels.
  9. No Soap

    Opti-Seal as Drying aid

    I put them straight into a bucket of ONR and they come out fine after washing. Of course I soak the drying towels in ONR before starting drying the next time.
  10. No Soap

    Protection duration several products

    ONR W&W, went through whole summer using this, seems to “layer” because I’ve seen the protection the whole time. Never had time to protect this particular car “for real”. 😝
  11. No Soap

    Alcantara Cleaning & Protection

    What about a product that would protect Alcantara?
  12. No Soap

    Alcantara Cleaning & Protection

    How much of the protection is there? Could/should I use it as the first thing in a brand new car?
  13. I think so but The Rag Company now has it.
  14. No Soap

    Tweaked ONR

    Give us some hints how to identify the newest version, please! 🤗
  15. It is not the ONR! It has to be something else that is on there! Can you take more pictures?