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  1. No Soap

    Optimum car soap with ONR

    …but then you take out Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam 😍
  2. No Soap

    Problems logging in?

    Anyone else have problems logging in? Using Mac and the most recent version of Safari.
  3. No Soap

    Chicago Auto Pros testing

    Is it sitting outside in the sun which is now quite something? 😓
  4. No Soap

    Using Power Clean on windshield

    Tree sap, T.A.R. 😍
  5. No Soap

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    I thought I was fooling myself with placebo when I pre-sprayed with new formula ONR and bugs seemed to dissolve! Is this something by the new design or am I really imagining this? Can you ask Dr. G Ron?
  6. No Soap

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    Best to pre-spray and let dwell for a moment and then rinse using a pressure washer. The amount of water it delivers is much more important than the pressure.
  7. No Soap

    Best 1 year maintenance Opticoat Pro+?

    MF wash mitt is not good at releasing the dirt, that’s why a specially made sponge is much safer. There are videos that inspected the wash mediums using a microscope and the BRS released the dirt best.
  8. No Soap

    ONR as a Drying Aid?

    Opti-Seal is the best drying aid I tried. Tried different manufacturer sealants but they can't compete on the same level. This, of course, after a ONR wash.
  9. No Soap

    ONRWW for door jambs

    Try Optimum T.A.R. for rust proofing oil? Works for my just rust proofed Peugeot e-208 GT (yellow & black 😍), but if I'm fast only Opti-Clean is enough but I was lucky with the weather, the "oil" seemed to dry up fast when the sun was shining. I did get some wet and dry small towels to deal with the rust proofing stuff. Paint prep could also work? I always also use a towel that I can throw with either Opti-Clean or ONR and add some sealant as protection becaus it is then easier to clean.
  10. No Soap


    Just contact them by email?
  11. No Soap


    R2R should be available from TRC Europe because I have it from a local distributor now and they get it from TRC Europe.
  12. No Soap

    Silicon Carbide .vs. Graphene

    I don’t like and trust Scott but that might be just me.
  13. No Soap

    New user.

    Spray on a cleaned surface and let dwell and gently wipe with a microfiber cloth. Rinse and/or wash with ONR.
  14. No Soap

    New user.

    My new favourite is T.A.R.! Goodbye clay forever!? Of course iron remover is needed sometimes but not that much I think.
  15. No Soap

    T.A.R. Remover

    Sorry, should have been Power Clean. No Opti Clean used this time.