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  1. Obsessive Detail

    Fun with OPT Metal Polish and Hyper Polish

    Nice work Nate!
  2. Obsessive Detail

    New From Illinois

    Welcome from Central Illinois.
  3. Obsessive Detail

    Subaru BRZ

    Great job Nate! I'm glad I could help out!
  4. Obsessive Detail

    Hey from Chicagoland!

    Welcome! Another IL guy!
  5. Obsessive Detail

    OptiGuard on Chrome Badges

    OG will work fine on all of that. I've put it on parts like that several times and it works great.
  6. Obsessive Detail

    Hello for NJ

    Welcome to the forum Kieran! You can't beat the Optimum product line for your business, I use pretty much the whole lineup for mine!
  7. Obsessive Detail

    Hi from Chicago

    Opti Coat will last indefinitely as long as there isn't air introduced into the syringe or it is kept at room temperature. You don't want it getting too hot or too cold. Once you are done using the coating you want to put the cap back on. So you are good to go! I'm from the Danville area btw, about 3 hours south of you.
  8. Obsessive Detail

    Hello from México City !!!

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. Obsessive Detail

    Gday from the West Coast (New Holland)

    Welcome and be sure to post some pics of the car Opti Coated!
  10. Obsessive Detail

    How much different is the new OCW with UV protection

    The new formula has more gloss and will give the paint a much slicker feel than the previous version. I'm pretty sure the new formula has been out for about a year now.
  11. Obsessive Detail

    HI from Naperville IL

    Welcome to the forum! I'm from Westville, IL. That is about 10 minutes south of Danville.
  12. Obsessive Detail

    Some recent work...

    Very impressive! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Obsessive Detail

    2009 Toyota Highlander

    One thing you need to make sure you are doing with the microfiber pads is to clean them after every panel. Once product builds up, they loose their cutting power. Keeping the pads as clean as possible whether you are using a brush to clean or air from an air compressor will make a huge difference. From my personal experience, I think the microfiber cutting pads are superior in the compounding stages, when it comes to finishing, I have better luck with foam.
  14. Obsessive Detail

    Chevy Truck - Optimized

    Looks great Dave!
  15. Obsessive Detail

    Man, I goofed!

    Usually, when I have sprayed on too much and the product dries, I just spray more OCW on real quick and it will come right off, even on a darker vehicle. Another thing you can do if the paint is warm is spray the OCW on your towel first and wipe it on, this method works great for me.