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  1. gadavis6

    Tire Products

    What's the real difference on your tire products? Optimum Tire Bond vs Optimum Tire Protection vs Opti-Bond?
  2. gadavis6

    Why OCW on top of OPC?

    Ron - so if I have a water hose then what's the preferred way to use the water hose and ONR?
  3. gadavis6

    Why OCW on top of OPC?

    Thanks Ron - so then really the only product to apply afterwards is ONR going forward correct?
  4. I just had my car done with Opti Coat Plus and looks awesome! Why is there a need to OCW on top of OPC? What is the benefit of OCW on a car that has OPC? I thought one of the benefits behind OPC was the reduction of waxing. If I do decide to OCW - will swirls show up on the OPC? Thanks! gadavis6